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Winners of BBNaija Week 9 Hawaii Nigeria Task

Winners of BBNaija Week 9 Hawaii Nigeria Task

BBNaija Week 9 Hawaii Nigeria Task

Big Brother Naija is here again to engage and entertain your Task. Today’s Task is from a Cream Company known as Hawaii. As you all know, Biggie requires every housemate to give out their best in all performances they are given to execute. Their performances are based on their teams sometimes and individually in most cases.



As seen in the scene uploaded on the official page of Big Brother Naija, housemates have received their brief through the present Head of House, Liquorose. They are all expected to explore and have experiences about Hawaii through tasks designated for them.


Each housemate has the right to a customized Hawaii Nigeria traveling box for their trip. This box consists of traveling essentials to use during the Task and an international passport. The Hawaii variant they can find in the box will signify their team, and it would be a ticket to visit Hawaii for them.


Teams In BBNaija Week 9 Hawaii Nigeria Task

Housemates with a similar Hawaii Nigeria variant in their box were formed to become one Team. The House was divided into three teams:
· Team Papaya
· Team Carrot
· Team Gold
The Task was divided into two parts, now let’s move to the parts accordingly:

First Round of the Task

Team Carrot and Team Papaya kick off the challenge with the Hawaii Nigeria Trivia with the ‘housemate once said’ trivia.

While taking a short break in their Hawaii Nigeria Task, Liquorose and Nini went in on Pere and Saga about their “Mumu Button.”
Nini said Biggie told Saga to chew onions hence his tears in the garden.

Second Round of the Task

The second activity of the Hawaii Nigeria Task is a Jigsaw puzzle.
The Team that can solve their puzzle in the fastest time wins this Round with 20 points. While the second and third teams to finish their puzzle will earn 15 and 10 points, respectively.

Third round of the Task

The third activity for the Hawaii Nigeria Task is the Hawaii dunk and dive challenge.
For this game, teams are to dunk their opposing teams into the Hawaii Dunk tank.
Then, at the sound of the buzzer, the playing team must use the provided balls to hit the “Splash ME” target in front of them.

Winners of BBNaija Week 9 Hawaii Nigeria Task

Here are the results for the Hawaii Nigeria Task.
3rd Position – Team Gold ₦500,000
2nd Position – Team Carrot ₦750,000
1st Position – Team Papaya ₦1,000,000


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