August 8, 2022
Who Is In The Garden Hairstyle For Nigerian Students (Read Full Details)

Who Is In The Garden Hairstyle For Nigerian Students (Read Full Details)

Who Is In The Garden Hairstyle For Nigerian Students 



Particularly in terms of haircuts, secondary school was a little ghetto. Failure to adopt the requested hairstyle would result in problems. No attachment either since they’ll say you’re being ostentatious. Those times, thankfully, are behind us. Which of these looks do you recall?


1. Feathers.

Hairstyles And Accessories Only 90's Girls Would Remember | The ...

This can also be made with hair attachments added.

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2. Koroba.

Koroba is a Yoruba word for bucket. The hairstyle is named because it looks like an upturned bucket.

3. Shuku.

This can be made slanted or straight.

4. Zig-zag or Alicia Keys.

Photo Credit: Slodive

5. Centre-parting.


6. Police cap.

7. One nation or C and O.

Can also be plaited in this style:

8. Patewo and base.

9. Evelyn King.

10. All back.

10 Nigerian hairstyles that were on fleek back in the days!

11. Who is in the garden or Orisha Bunmi.

12. Concord.

13. June 12

14. Two-step.

15. Pineapple.

16. Periwinkle.

17. Kojusoko, koyinsale or front and back.

Kojusoko, koyinsale means “Turn your face to your husband and turn your back to your side nigga.” Something like that.

18. Shuku elewo or shuku ologede.

Shuku that is shaped like a banana. The reason for this is obvious, innit?

19. Ipako elede or all front.

After Davido released his Aye video and the female protagonist wore it, this hairdo gained even more traction.

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Which of these haircuts for secondary school was your favorite? Which decision do you see yourself making today?



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