August 13, 2022
What You Need To Know About Webbify (African Web Project)

What You Need To Know About Webbify (African Web Project)

What is African Web Project and what is in it for me?

African Web Project is the vehicle designed by Yeryms Limited for the sales, marketing and promotion of Webbify – a website builder that offers daily and consistent commissions, bonuses and dividends on subscription to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in furtherance of e-Commerce.

You can quietly and strategically become a partner and also an employer of labour under this scheme without worrying about the challenges of overhead costs!

This can be achieved by setting up your own network in multiple levels to recruit, educate and mobilise secondarians, interns, students, drop-outs, corp members and the unemployed youth to join the campaign for social, marketing and financial benefits.

Our goal is to mobilize, motivate and enlist MSMEs for sales, marketing and promotion of ideas, researches, inventions, products and services through the use of Webbify.

You have nothing to worry about their wages, salaries and allowances.

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The company handles everything from your 1st generation up to the 7th generation using an automated and structured compensation model for mutual prosperity benefits.

Firstly, under the African Web Project, every subscriber is considered a stakeholder. Hence, you are entitled to a full fledge and dedicated e-commerce website for your business promotion and branding with unlimited disc space and bandwidth.

Secondly, you earn daily and consistent returns on your subscription from the global sales of Webbify, Bizplus Explorer and Profile Development services.

Thirdly, every stakeholder has an inbuilt wallet attached to the dashboard where withdrawals can be initiated for onward transfer to bank account. The wallet accommodates all earnings ranging from direct and indirect commissions, bonuses and dividends.

With this arrangement, stakeholders can overcome the challenges of school fees for children, house rent and conveniently undertake other sundry expenses without hassles.

You can stop begging or borrowing to survive in the face of the ravaging economy while leveraging and banking on the commissions and bonuses from across your network.

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This is a modern day medium for self-reliance and a self-paced pension scheme for every result-focused, purpose-driven and action-oriented young man and woman with entrepreneurship mindset.


African Web Project could be a part-time job for full-time students, civil servants and those in the private sectors. And at the same time, it could be a full-time job for part-time students, unemployed youth and serving corp members.

Dear friends, this engaging, rewarding and well planned program is the latest in the e-commerce industry and is designed to make subscribers earn a lifetime commissions, bonuses and dividends even when they are sick, tired or aged.

In the event of unexpected death, the family of a stakeholder can access money for basic needs effortlessly.

We are concerned and committed to providing effective and efficient e-commerce websites at the least market cost to micro, small and medium enterprises for increased market shares, boost sales revenues and to avoid outright relegation by competitors.

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In conclusion and advisably, stop missing out in the e-commerce evolution! Here is your best bet to becoming a stakeholder in the e-commerce industry with social, marketing and financial benefits.

Account setup fee is N10 per day! Payable on subscription at N3,650 per annum – representing 365 days of the year!


Compensation Plan

  • #210 = Welcome Bonus
  • #365 = Spread dividends to all users!
  • #365 = 1st Level Referrals
  • #205 = 2nd Level Referrals
  • #105 = 3rd Level Referrals
  • #85   = 4th Level Referrals
  • #65   = 5th Level Referrals
  • #45   = 6th Level Referrals
  • #25   = 7th Level Referrals

Payment Proofs

CEO - Yeryms Limited
CEO – Yeryms Limited

Good luck and best wishes.

Signed: Isa Momosani

CEO – Yeryms Limited

Principal Consultant – African Web Project



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