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Wendy Williams Hunter is a well-known American broadcaster and author. Her full name is Wendy Joan Williams Hunter, and she was born on July 18, 1964. She served as the host of the nationally syndicated television talk show The Wendy Williams Show during the years 2008 to 2021.



Before Williams began her career in television, she had a successful career as a radio DJ and host in New York, where she earned a reputation for being a “shock jockette.” She became famous for her on-air feuds with celebrities, and in 2006, she was the focus of the reality television series The Wendy Williams Experience, which aired on VH1 and covered events that occurred in conjunction with her radio show.



Williams has also published a number of books, appeared in a number of films and television series, taken her stand-up comedy show on the road, and launched a number of product lines, including a wig line, a jewelry collection, and a fashion line. In 2009, Williams was honored by being inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. On the occasion of her 50th birthday, the municipal council of Asbury Park, New Jersey, changed the name of the street on which she had spent her childhood.


Original name Wendy Williams Hunter
Known as Wendy Williams
Male/Female Female
Profession(s) Television and radio presenter, businesswoman, author, actress, and media personality
Nationality American
Birth Location Asbury Park, New Jersey, United States
Date of Birth 18-Jul-64
Age 58 years old
Heights 1.78 m
Heights in Feet 5 feet and 10 inches
Heights in cm 178 cm
Weight(s) 60 kg
Weight(s) in pound 132 pounds
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Kevin Hunter(m. 19972019)
Children Yes (Kevin Hunter Jr.)
Net Worths $50 million

Early life and education 


It was on July 18, 1964 in the city of Asbury Park, New Jersey, in the United States of America that Wendy Joan Williams entered this world. She is the second out of a total of three children to be born to Shirley (née Skinner) and Thomas Dwayne Williams, and she is also the second kid to be born to the couple. Shirley was a special education teacher, and Thomas was a teacher as well as the school principal. In 1969, Thomas became the first black school administrator in the city of Red Bank, New Jersey. Shirley was a special education teacher. The married couple had a combined total of three master’s degrees between them. As a direct response to the racial unrest that broke out in Asbury Park in 1970, the family made the decision to migrate to Ocean Township, New Jersey’s predominantly white and upper middle class neighborhood of Wayside. Wayside is located within Asbury Park. They were active participants in the Baptist church and spent their summers in Oak Bluffs, which is known for being a favorite vacation spot for African Americans in the state of Massachusetts. When Williams was a child, the medical professionals who cared for her recommended that she take medicine to assist in bringing her hyperactivity levels under control. Her parents put her on a diet when she was in elementary school because she had started gaining weight, which ultimately contributed to her having a bad self-image regarding her body. Williams was a member of the Girl Scouts as a Brownie and volunteered her time in the organization by working as a candy striper. Her family has always had the expectation that she will pursue a career in the medical industry.



At the time of Williams’ graduation from Ocean Township High School in 1982, he was one of just four black students to receive the honor. He had the same grade as the 360th student out of a total of 363 in his class.



In contrast to her older sister Wanda, who achieved academic success at a young age and was awarded a university scholarship, she suffered academically during the entirety of her schooling.



Because Williams was able to speak in a “white” language rather than African-American Vernacular English, her white contemporaries thought of her as one of their own and treated her as such. As a direct consequence of this, they used the word “nigger” in a flippant manner around her. Williams had no idea about this at all.



She claimed that the only thing she and the other black students had in common was that they all smoked cannabis, but she did not get along with them. She did not like them. According to Williams, she did not listen to hip hop music but rather listened to rock bands such as AC/DC because they were popular with her classmates rather than listening to hip hop music. Williams claims that this is the reason why she did not listen to hip hop music. She served as an announcer for her younger brother Thomas’s Little League Baseball games, which she attended. Thomas is her younger brother.

Williams attended Northeastern University in Boston with the objective of obtaining a position in the field of television news reporting once he had completed his education there. It took her less than a month after she started working before she made the decision to switch from working in television communications to radio so that she could advance her career more quickly; nevertheless, her decision was met with disapproval from her parents. Williams completed the requirements for a minor in journalism on her way to earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in communication in 1986. She did this so that she could make her mother and father proud. She began her career in the entertainment sector by working as a disc jockey at the campus radio station WRBB. It was there that she performed her very first interview with a celebrity, which was with LL Cool J. Williams gave on-air reviews of the television shows Dallas and Dynasty while he was working as an intern for Matt Siegel at the contemporary hit radio station WXKS-FM. Siegel was the station’s program director.



It’s possible that you’re unaware that Wendy Williams began her broadcasting career in radio. Her first job in radio was with WVIS, and she later moved on to work for the radio station WOL, which is situated in Washington. Wendy Williams, who also worked for the radio station WQHT, was traveling from Washington to New York City at the time of the conversation. She worked as a DJ for the radio station WRKS, which at the time was known as WEPN-FM and is now known as ESPN New York 98.7 FM, around the year 1989.



On July 14, 2008, “The Wendy Williams Show” first appeared on television. Debmar-Mercury, which is in the business of distributing television programs, made an offer to Wendy Williams for her talk show. The publication The New York Times predicted that the show will set a new standard for daytime television. The television program attracts more than 2 million people each week and has been picked up for additional seasons in 2018, 2019, and 2020.



Additionally, Wendy Williams has made a few appearances on various television programs. Her list of appearances includes the comedies “Odd Mom Out” and “Martin,” as well as the criminal drama “New York Undercover” and the police procedural “New York Undercover.” Wendy Williams has appeared in a few movies, such as the romantic comedy “Think Like a Man” and its sequel “Think Like a Man Too.” Other movies she has been in include the comedy “Santa Con” and the drama “Think Like a Man.”



A collaboration between Wendy Williams and the Home Shopping Network has resulted in the creation of her own clothing collection, which includes sweaters, dresses, skirts, and slacks.


Personal life 


Williams said that she was raped on a date in college and again in the 1980s by the R&B singer Sherrick. After splitting up with her boyfriend in 1991, she went ahead and had an abortion at the six-week mark. Williams eventually tied the knot with Bertrand “Bert” Girigorie, who became her first husband. [In her book, she makes reference to him under a pseudonym and states that they divorced approximately eighteen months after they split after being married for five months. Williams began seeing Kevin Hunter, who would later become her second husband, in 1994 and they wed on November 30, 1999. Before she finally gave birth to their son Kevin Samuel on August 18, 2000, she experienced a number of unsuccessful pregnancies. After learning that Hunter had a child with another woman, Williams filed for divorce in April 2019, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. Her divorce was formalized in January of 2020, although she will continue to use the surname Hunter for all legal purposes.



Williams views herself as “a multicultural woman who happens to be Black” as a direct result of her upbringing in a suburban environment. Williams considers himself to be a Christian, but he has stopped going to church recently. She is a devout Christian who says she prays “every day, often times a day” and is convinced that “God is everywhere.” Williams takes a position that supports the right to choose to have an abortion. She voted for Barack Obama in that year’s presidential election and sponsored an NAACP voter helpline at the same time. In the same year, Williams participated in the “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign organized by PETA. In the ad, Williams stated that “we should all attempt to be comfortable in our own skin and let the animals keep theirs.” Williams also posed for the campaign. She was in favor of removing the Confederate battle flag that had been displayed in the South Carolina State House in 2015.

Health and appearance


Since the year 1994, Williams has had breast implants, and she has also undergone additional cosmetic treatments like liposuction and botox injections. Williams has been transparent about her cocaine use during the late 1980s and early 1990s, despite the fact that she never sought treatment for her addiction. Since she passed out on her talk program in October 2017 owing to dehydration, she has been open about various health challenges she has been dealing with. Williams revealed in February 2018 that she suffers from Graves disease, which is a disorder that causes hyperthyroidism. Williams was first diagnosed with both of these ailments roughly twenty years earlier. Because of the increased pressure behind her eyes, she may occasionally have the appearance of having prominent eyelids. Because her thyroid problem causes her natural hair to diminish, Williams covers her head in public with wigs. In December of 2018, she suffered a shoulder fracture due to an accident.



Williams revealed in March 2019 that she has vertigo and that she has been residing in a sober house for “some time.” She also stated that she had been there “for some time.” Later on in same year, Williams shared with the public that she had been given a diagnosis of lymphedema, an illness that manifests itself in the form of swelling in her ankles. Williams had a positive test result for a breakthrough infection of the COVID-19 disease in September of 2021, when the pandemic was in full swing. Williams’s bank, Wells Fargo, froze her accounts at the beginning of 2022 and asked the New York Supreme Court to hold a hearing to establish whether or not her health circumstances render her incapable of making decisions for herself and need the appointment of a guardian. Her attorney challenges these beliefs and asserts that Williams works with “holistic health providers.”

Awards & Achievements


Wendy Williams has not received a great deal of recognition in the form of awards or nominations. Her daytime talk show, “The Wendy Williams Show,” was nominated for a number of awards, and three members of the show’s make-up department were awarded the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling. Her show was also a nominee for a number of other accolades.

A number of publications, including Billboard, Radio & Records, and others, have selected Wendy Williams as their choice for radio personality of the year. She was nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host for her show “The Wendy Williams Show,” and she was also nominated for the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Daytime TV Host. Both of these awards were given out in recognition of her work.

Net Worth

As of the year 2022, Wendy Williams has a net worth that is estimated to be in the range of $45 million. She is an American TV host, money chief, media figure, and maker.


Wendy Joan Williams Hunter

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Wendy Williams is a radio DJ and TV talk show host known for her no-nonsense attitude and brash on-air personality.