Watch The Trending Video of AKSU Girl Who Is A Second Year Student

Watch The Trending Video of AKSU Girl Who Is A Second Year Student

A video has been circulating all over Twitter which includes the s*x tape of a student of a second-year student. A lot of netizens alone are surprised by this leaked video because it was very clear and straightforward. The video was regarded to be recorded in HD quality and was very clear.

To be candid, the rate at which youths leak their n*de on social media is alarming and I think it’s high time they stop the mischievous act.

Many people in Nigeria have had their private videos and pictures leaked by cybercriminals without their permission or consent and it now appears that the order of the day is sextortion, which involves obtaining or having someone’s nude or private videos or pictures and threatening to spread it across the internet if the victim does not agree to terms, which are usually monetary in nature. Most victims never fully recover from the trauma of having sex recordings or nudes released, and as a result, the individual is at risk of losing everything he or she has built and ever worked for.

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After her sex tape was published online in November 2019, a female student at a Nigerian university became a trending subject on social media. When she was expelled from the school, she lost her student status as a way for the institution’s administrators to distance themselves from her. She lost more than just her public persona; she also lost her family and friends, as no one wanted to identify with her anymore, and she was forced to start her life over from the beginning.

A cyberbully threatened to expose a private video of a Nigerian pop diva making out with her husband unless she paid him the money he demanded. Despite the extortionist’s threats, she kept her ground and refused to give in. As a result, the sex tape was made public and has since spread like wildfire on the internet.


Even if we don’t believe it, we can’t pretend that this scandal won’t have a negative impact on the beloved singer’s career and reputation because she could lose business partners, friends, fans, followers, and even endorsement deals because most brand ambassadorship contracts have moral and decency provisions that allow the company to terminate if the celebrity is involved in any scandal that could harm the company’s reputation by mere associating with the celebrity.

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Is there legislation in Nigeria that prohibits sextortion, cyberstalking, cyber bullying, voyeurism, unlawful surveillance, violation of one’s privacy, and invasion of one’s privacy of this kind?” This is the question everyone is asking at the moment.


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