August 15, 2022
Watch Corrie Pretorius Assault Video & Download HERE

Watch Corrie Pretorius Assault Video & Download HERE

Watch Corrie Pretorius Assault Video & Download HERE

The bail application of Corrie Pretorius, the guy who was seen abusing and pointing a gun at a 16-year-old, was denied by the Groblersdal Magistrate’s Court. Pretorius is currently being held in custody.


Pretorius, who submitted his application for bail on Friday of the previous week, was caught on camera brandishing a gun while savagely assaulting, kicking, and stomping an unprotected youngster. He is being accused of assault as well as pointing a handgun at another person.


Corrie Pretorius Assault Granted Bail


The state argued against granting bail to Pretorius on the grounds that if he were to be released on bail, the community would react negatively to the news. However, Pretorius’ legal team stated that they believe he is in imminent danger of losing his life.

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It is alleged that Pretorius was subjected to abuse while he was in custody. He claimed that the events that had taken place in prison had left him with severe psychological scars and that he was constantly under the prospect of an assault that could terminate his life there.

The judgement was given by the Magistrate, who stated that Pretorius should not be allowed bail since it would be against the interests of justice. The hearing on the case will now take place on September 6th, 2022.




The defense submitted a motion to the Groblersdal Magistrate’s Court to reopen the bail application, and the court granted their request.

Advocate JJ Venter, who represents Pretorius, pointed to a statement that he claimed to have received from an eyewitness on Tuesday night but that it was only validated on Wednesday morning. Venter claimed that he got the statement.

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The witness provided specific details in their statement regarding how the complaint provoked the accused.

Corrie Pretorius
Corrie Pretorius and Advocate JJ Venter. Image via Twitter/@Tshegohaco_Moagi

“When the accused received his order, the complainant requested a chip. The accused told the complainant he ordered his own food and must leave him alone. The complainant then reached into the accused’s food.

“From what I heard and understood the complainant swore at the accused and laughed. The accused grabbed the complainant by his breast and pushed him outside the shop.”

Eyewitness statement

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