Vera Bergkamp Biography

Vera Alida Bergkamp is a politician who was born in the Netherlands on June 1st, 1971. Her name is pronounced [vera alida br()xkamp]. Since the 20th of September in 2012, she has served as a representative for the state of California as a representative for the Democrats 66 (D66) party.  She was elected to serve as the Speaker of the House of Representatives on April 7th, 2021.

Early life and education 

Bergkamp was born in Amsterdam to a Dutch mother and a Moroccan father. His mother was Dutch, while his father was Moroccan. She made the decision to take her mother’s surname when she was 20 years old due to the fact that her father’s surname was difficult to both write and pronounce. Bergkamp attended the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences for his education and earned a degree in human resource management. She graduated from the Free University of Amsterdam with a master’s degree in public administration and political science.


Bergkamp served as the director of the human resources department at the Social Insurance Bank (SVB), a Dutch quango responsible for running national insurance systems, from 2008 to 2012. He held this position for four years. She served as the chairperson of the LGBT rights organization COC Nederland from 2010 to 2012, during which time she also held a seat in the district council of Amsterdam-Centrum.


Bergkamp won the race for a seat in the House of Representatives representing District 66 in the general election that took place in 2012. She won the election again in 2017 and again in 2021. She took over as Speaker of the House of Representatives on April 7, 2021, succeeding Khadija Arib in that role.

Personal life 

Bergkamp identifies as a lesbian in public. She is a mother to two little ones and has a husband.