Tyler ICU, the South African DJ and music producer, has released a brand new track titled “Ngimoja Ngawe”. The song features the vocals of Sir Trill, who has become a popular collaborator with Tyler ICU in recent years. “Ngimoja Ngawe” is a melodic Amapiano track that showcases Tyler ICU’s signature sound.

Amapiano is a genre of music that originated in South Africa and has been gaining popularity worldwide. It is characterized by its use of piano melodies, percussions, and basslines that create a groovy and infectious rhythm. Tyler ICU is one of the most prominent producers of Amapiano music, having produced hits like “Banyana” and “Umsebenzi Wethu”.

In “Ngimoja Ngawe”, Tyler ICU employs a slow and melodic piano melody that is accompanied by a catchy vocal hook from Sir Trill. The lyrics of the song speak of a lover’s desire to be close to their partner and the happiness they feel when they are together. The song’s message is simple and relatable, and it is likely to resonate with listeners.

The production of “Ngimoja Ngawe” is top-notch, with Tyler ICU expertly layering different elements to create a cohesive and infectious sound. The track’s percussion is punchy, and the bassline is deep, creating a groove that is hard to resist. Sir Trill’s vocals are also well-executed, with his smooth delivery perfectly complementing the track’s melody.

In conclusion, “Ngimoja Ngawe” is a fantastic addition to Tyler ICU’s already impressive discography. The track showcases the producer’s skills in creating infectious Amapiano beats, while Sir Trill’s vocals add a layer of depth and emotion to the song. It is a must-listen for fans of Amapiano and those looking for a catchy and uplifting tune.


Listen & download Tyler ICU – Ngimoja Ngawe below: