Twinz Love Biography

Who exactly are Oladimeji Moyin and Doyin, also known as Twinz Love? Popular Instagram skit producers, entrepreneurs, brand influencers, content creators, and makeup artists Oladimeji Moyin and Doyin. They are famous for their naughty antics in their skits, namely the manner that they fool around with their mother. They have amassed a large number of followers on social media thanks to the hilarity of their skits.

The Oladimeji sisters, Moyin and Doyin, are stunning people who are also gifted, creative, skilled, and have a great deal of aptitude in the art of composing skits.

Twinz Love Early Life

Both Moyin and Doyin were born to their parents as their first children. Princess Adeyinka, who is their sole parent, is responsible for their upbringing. They have not revealed any information regarding their biological father.

Twinz Love Education

As part of their secondary schooling, they were students at St. Louis Grammar School Makola. They go on to complete their tertiary education at Obafemi Awolowo University, which is located in Osun State.

Twinz Love Career

They began making skits with a lighthearted attitude. Because they think their mother’s response is so funny, they decided to record it on video. In addition to making skits, both of them are business proprietors. They not only offer things but also perform cosmetics.

Twinz Love Mother

Who is the woman who gave birth to Twinz Love? Mrs. Ojo Adeyinka Oladeimeji, also known as Princess Adeyinka, is Twinz’s mother. She is also known as Princess Adeyinka. She performs skits with her twin girls, yet most of the videos feature her being pranked.

Instagram Page:

Moyin and Doyin Oladimeji have accumulated 1.1 Million followers on Instagram between the two of them, and they use that account to share some of their sketches with their audience. Have a look at them. @Twinz_love


Twinz Love House

Twinz Love House

The skit makers have built their own dream house. They disclosed this on their Instagram page on March 17. The money was gotten from the proceeds of their skits which have really given them a lot of money.


Net Worth:

Moyin and Doyin Oladimeji are currently one of the fastest rising skit makers on social media, and it is admirable to see that these young, pretty ladies have decided to use their creativity to earn money on the internet. Moyin and Doyin Oladimeji are one of the fastest-rising skit makers on social media. It is projected that Moyin and Doyin Oladimeji have a net worth of two hundred thousand dollars (US).