K-Pop girl group Twice has released a new song titled “Set Me Free”, which is already making waves in the music industry. The song is part of their second full-length album, “Eyes Wide Open,” which was released in October 2020.

“Set Me Free” is a mid-tempo ballad that showcases the group’s vocal abilities and emotional range. The lyrics talk about the struggles of being in a relationship where one feels trapped and unable to express their true feelings. The chorus repeats the phrase “Set me free” as a plea for liberation and a desire to move on from the relationship.

The music video for “Set Me Free” features the members of Twice in various settings, including a flower-filled room and a dimly lit staircase. The video’s imagery and color scheme add to the melancholic tone of the song, creating a sense of longing and introspection.

Fans of the group have been quick to praise “Set Me Free” for its relatable lyrics and emotive delivery. Many have also noted the growth and maturity of the group’s sound, as “Set Me Free” showcases a more nuanced and introspective side of Twice.


Overall, “Set Me Free” is a standout track from Twice’s “Eyes Wide Open” album and a testament to the group’s vocal prowess and emotional depth. With its relatable lyrics and captivating music video, it’s no wonder that the song has quickly become a fan favorite.


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