American musical genius, Track Starr, has released an incredible new song that goes by the title “WUSA“. Not only does this brand new single mark Track Starr’s resurgence on the music scene, but it likely will earn a lasting, iconic spot on many Playlists.

WUSA” derives its strength from relatable and meaningful lyrics, highly emotive vocal performances, and an infectious beat. Taken together, these aspects make “WUSA” an irresistible offering that no fan of music would want to pass up.

Production credits for the song belong to Track Starr himself, whose production prowess continues to build on each of his works. There is no denying that the Nigerian multi-talented artist has created a masterpiece with “WUSA”.

Listeners are encouraged to sample this new hit song from Track Starr and share their thoughts. Click on the download link now and enjoy the music!