Timothy Weah Biography

Timothy Tarpeh Weah is a professional soccer player from the United States who was born on February 22, 2000. He currently plays as a winger for the Ligue 1 club Lille as well as the United States national team.

He is George Weah’s son, who takes after his father, who played soccer professionally, won the Ballon d’Or, and is now the President of Liberia. In March of 2018, he made his debut for Paris Saint-Germain’s first team at the senior level. That same month, he also earned his first senior cap for the United States.



Because of his incredible accomplishments on the field, the moniker “Weah” is revered beyond all others in the world of soccer. In the 1990s, a lanky striker named George Weah from Monrovia, Liberia, lit fire to the European game by scoring goal after goal for a number of the finest teams on the continent, including AC Milan. He was known as “The Lion of Monrovia.”

Another Weah is now dominating headlines throughout the globe in the sport of soccer thirty years after the first one. Timothy Weah is a lanky winger who is endowed with speed and footwork that can mystify even the most stalwart of defenders. He is one of the most dynamic players for the United States men’s national team (USMNT).


Timothy Weah is currently a AM RLC, F C for LOSC Lille, where he earns £9,000 per week and £468,000 per year in salary. Timothy Weah has a total wealth of 2,590,120 pounds. Timothy Weah was born in the United States and is 22 years old at this time. His current contract expires June 30, 2024.



Timothy Weah’s Mother’s name is Clar Weah. There is not much information about Timothy Weah’s mother. Stay connected to our page for the latest updates.