Tim Roth Son Biography

According to an announcement made by his family on Monday, Cormac Roth, a musician and the son of actor Tim Roth, lost his fight against cancer at the age of 25.

Roth was a guitarist, composer, and producer. He had a degree in music production from Bennington College. In November of 2021, he disclosed his diagnosis of stage 3 germ cell cancer on his Instagram account. The diagnosis was made in November 2021.

His father has starred in movies such as “Pulp Fiction,” “Reservoir Dogs,” and “The Incredible Hulk.”

His parents, Tim and Nikki Roth, as well as his brother, Hunter Roth, are the only members of Cormac Roth’s family still living.


Cormac Roth was 25 years when he died


Tim Roth, a famous actor in Hollywood, is the father of Cormac Roth, who also has a brother named Hunter and their mother  Nikki Buttler.

Cause of Death

He died of Cancer