Thomas Cashman Biography

Thomas Cashman, who is 34 years old, came to Liverpool Magistrates Court this morning in a police car.

His case has been sent to Liverpool Crown Court, where it will be heard today at 2 p.m.

Cashman is also accused of trying to kill Cheryl Korbel, Olivia’s mother, and Joseph Nee, a convicted burglar.

On August 22, he is said to have followed Nee into his family’s home in Liverpool and started shooting.

The defendant from West Derby is being charged with two more counts of having a gun in a dangerous way.

In a picture that was shared on social media, he was wearing a dark t-shirt and a watch. The background was a sunset.
He was taken to court in a police car while other officers stopped traffic on the road.

Paul Russell, 40, from West Derby, has also been charged with helping a criminal.

During the incident, Olivia was shot in the chest at her home, which made people very upset.

Her 46-year-old mother, Ms. Korbel, was hurt, but she lived. So far, 11 people have been arrested in connection with Olivia’s death, and nine men have already been held as part of the wide-ranging investigation.

All of them got out of jail in the end.