Team Sticks win the Wager Task In Week 7 of Big Brother Mzansi, BBMzansi Week 7 DAY 46

Team Sticks win the Wager Task In Week 7 of Big Brother Mzansi, BBMzansi Week 7 DAY 46

Team Sticks win the Wager Task In Week 7 of Big Brother Mzansi, BBMzansi Week 7 DAY 46

The Wager Task is won by Team Sticks in Week 7 of Big Brother Mzansi.

This week’s theme has been “going green,” with a particular emphasis on eco-consciousness in the Big Brother Mzansi House. Feeling up to the task following their victory in last week’s Wager Task, the Housemates wagered 100 percent. The Housemates were charged by Biggie with producing eco-friendly fashion designs that are also practical, inventive, and striking.

They were tasked with creating pieces that fit into four distinct categories: all-natural, recyclable, and repurposed. The new twist appears to be as flimsy as the cardboard appearance. Team Sticks and Team Stones were formed from the Housemates.


The Housemates came out to play in their edgy fashion ensembles made entirely of odd objects. There was a lot that went into putting together the presentation, which needed each Housemate to employ their unique talents to create a fashion show that was not ‘low fashion’. It’s a difficult task, given that these looks were created using difficult-to-work-with materials. There was hair and make-up, which Terry was more than delighted to take care of.

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Mphowabadimo and Tulz were brought in as hosts for the show’s presentation, navigating a spectacle that had to wow both Biggie and the BBMzansi audience. Although a technique was necessary, the Housemates have plenty of experience putting on shows.

The Housemates received fabrics, dyes, and other materials on Tuesday in order to begin creating their own patterned fabrics. Libo was chastised for allowing other Housemates to pressure him into making decisions that ultimately ruined the presentation’s chances. And, while some of the outfits were lauded for their inventiveness, Big Brother refused to overlook the fact that several of the appearances were “basic.”

Thato, Sis Tamara, and Mphowabadimo were lauded for their contributions to Team Stones. Tulz and Nale were thus left in the cold. However, Team Sticks triumphed in the end! Gash1, Libo, Terry Themba, and Venus comprised the team.

It appears as though the Housemates have been putting in some effort recently, winning more Wager Tasks than losing. This week’s purchasing privileges will be limited to members of the winning team. They will receive 100% of the Wager and will not be permitted to share their riches with the other Housemates. Sjoe! This will very certainly generate an interesting dynamic in the House for the remainder of the week.

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