International award-winning artist, Taylor Swift comes through with a new track titled ‘Paris’. 

This amazing masterpiece tends to be an extract from her recently released album titled “Midnights’. The “folklorian woods” of her previous two albums have given way to the familiar territory of electronic pop on Midnights. Midnight Rain and Labyrinth feature filtered synth tones, swoops of dubstep-influenced bass, trap and house-inspired beats, and effects that warp her voice to a point of androgyny, with the latter being a top pick due to the abundance of lyrics that protest gender stereotyping, or “that 1950s shit they want from me,” as Lavender Haze puts it.


Something subtle and rooted in myth and eternity also permeates Midnights. It’s a bold statement that the album doesn’t feature any of the bright, catchy songs that pop stars typically release upon their return. The music has a hazy, atmospheric quality and is appropriately low-key.


This song is definitely worthy of making it’s way to your playlist.

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