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Sumanta Bansi Biography

Since 2016, Sumanta, who is originally from Suriname, had been attending school in Amsterdam, which is located in the Netherlands. In addition to that, she was working in The Hague as part of an internship. During the time of her disappearance, she was staying at the house in Hoorn that belonged to her ex-lover.


February 18, 2018

Missing for

4 years


Hoorn, The Netherlands








165 cm


Suspected homicide


The last time anyone saw Sumanta was on February 18, 2018, when they visited her home in Hoorn, Netherlands.

In 2019, officers listened in on a discussion between Manodj and his brother. During the conversation, Manodj admitted that he had stolen chemicals from his place of employment, specifically Flowscan VC 95. Flowsan VC 95 is made of sodium hydroxide, which breaks down tissue in the body. After that, the two gentlemen talked about the several ways that the drug may be used. In addition, cameras captured the moment when the brothers entered Manodj’s home while carrying jerry cans, which were subsequently found to be empty. There are also audio recordings available in which members of Sumanta’s family talk about her murder and “the state that her body was in.”

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In the autumn of 2020, Manodj B., along with his wife, brother, and father, were all taken into custody; however, the last three were finally set free. However, they were still considered potential suspects. The investigation has led the police to think that Sumanta was stabbed before being dissolved in sodium hydroxide. The fact that Sumanta was expecting a child at the time of her death may have been a contributing factor in her homicide. It is said that Manodj B.’s father was seething with rage when he found out that the honor of the Hindu family could be jeopardized. The family had already put Sumanta under pressure to terminate an earlier pregnancy that she was carrying.

The search for Sumanta’s body at the De Hulk recreation area in Scharwoude was conducted by the police for the fourth time in August of 2021. Her disappearance occurred in August of 2021. It has been reported that sniffer dogs were successful in locating her smell at a specific location within that territory. Unfortunately, the authorities were compelled to make the disappointing announcement so swiftly that the search had been fruitless. A portion of a shovel was discovered during an earlier search that took place on the 30th of June, 2021. Even though the shovel was sent to the Netherlands Forensic Institute so that it could be examined, it is not yet clear whether or not the implement is in any way connected to the investigation.

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When July comes along in 2022, Manodj B. was found guilty of murdering Sumanta and given a sentence of 15 years in jail for his crime. Despite the fact that the Public Prosecution Service is confident that Manodj’s father is aware of exactly what occurred to the young woman, he was found not guilty because there was insufficient proof for his direct involvement.


Human remains believed to be the body of 22-year-old Sumanta Bansi were found in Hoorn on Tuesday, four years after she went missing from the Noord-Holland city. During a hearing, the suspect convicted of her murder confessed about the whereabouts of her body. Bansi was a biomedical sciences student at the University of Amsterdam who whose absence from her classes and appointments was largely disregarded until nine months later, when her family was assisted by a Hindu priest in reporting her missing.


  • Black hair.
  • Brown eyes.


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