In a recent Twitter post, Tolani Baj, a 29-year-old reality TV star and Disc Jockey, expressed her opinion on the intimate attributes of women. She stated that skinny girls possess the best qualities in that regard and are more pleasurable in bed. Asserting her statement as a fact, she emphasized that nobody should challenge her perspective. Her tweet read as follows:

“Skinny babes got the best pussy. Don’t argue with me.”

This statement from Tolani Baj has generated various reactions on social media, with individuals either agreeing, disagreeing, or criticizing her for sharing such views publicly. One user, @chymosss, expressed disapproval by stating, “Open mouth waaaaaaaaaaaaaa. After you’ll say men are objectifying/sexualizing us, whereas you are giving them the audacity to do so.” On the other hand, disagreed, mentioning that not all skinny girls possess those qualities, adding that chubby girls tend to have easier and more lubricated experiences. Meanwhile, @lady_que1 mocked Tolani Baj, suggesting that she would later advocate against sexualizing women despite her current statement.

Another user, @huncho_montago1, supported Tolani Baj’s assertion, stating that it was not a false claim. They added that thick girls tend to have a creamier aspect, while skinny girls are moist and can even squirt. They further noted that skinny girls can accommodate partners of any size, while thick or chubby ladies struggle with larger sizes. They concluded by praising skinny girls and expressing their unwavering support for them.

Overall, Tolani Baj’s statement has sparked a range of opinions on social media, with different individuals sharing their perspectives on the matter.