Sizwe Alakine, a pianist with a string of hits under his belt, has enlisted the help of the legendary Mellow & Sleazy for his latest single, “Mang Kapa Mang.”


Sizwe Alakine’s on-air antics this year have been hugely popular in Mzansi. After rebranding himself, the gifted hitmaker gave Mzansi his best musical performance yet. He just made what could be the best choice of his life.


Formerly, Sizwe had been included on the new song “Ngiyazifela Ngawe” by MacG and Mac Lopez, together with Robot Boii, Sino Msolo, and TBO. This version of the song can be found on MacG’s new EP, titled “Songs I Put My Name On.” This year has been his best ever.


Singer/songwriter Sizwe Alakine has returned with a brand new track called “Mang Kapa Mang.” He got the famed music production team Mellow & Sleazy to contribute to the track. Have a listen down below. You should also incorporate this tune into a weekend playlist.


Listen & download below: