Sis Tamara Becomes Evicted From Big Brother Mzansi 2022

We knew it was going to be a dramatic show before it started. The Housemates were feeling the heat as this was the final Live Eviction Show before Finale Week. Despite the fact that there were five nominees and only two seats available, there was a stifling backlog. When that backlog got in the way of Terry, he was the first person to get stuck.


While in the House, Terry admitted to Lawrence that she had “lost her sanity” for a time, but now she was “back!” That’s great news for us. All she could say when given a video of her stay in the House was, “I adore it!” To Terry’s credit, she wasn’t prone to self-blame or self-reflection. Yes, she had a significant impact on the show.


Sis Tamara was the next Housemate to learn about their eviction. Sis Tamara was the first to enter the house and rapidly made a name for herself as a charismatic and deserving candidate for the R2 million prize. Sis Tamara told Lawrence that she has come to accept her own character, Ukho, and that she has also come to accept herself. Sis Tamara has been hailed as one of the best personalities in the House, and we couldn’t agree more.

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It was Thato’s turn to face Gash1 in the third round of eviction. It was a sad time because their relationship had been developing recently and the fact that they are now separated is obviously painful for both of them. Gash1 is the love of her life, and she informed Lawrence that she will miss him. In one week’s time, we’ll find out who the big prize winner is. We are eagerly anticipating the event!


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