Seyi Vodi Biography

Seyi Adekunle is a successful businessman in the fashion industry in Nigeria. He is the creator as well as the chairman of the Vodi Group, which is famous for its conglomerate of companies.   Seyi Vodi disclosed that the event that prompted him to devote his full time to the fashion industry was when he was rejected from a job at a bank.  As of the month of May in 2017, Seyi Vodi was ranked as one of the most successful fashion labels in Nigeria.



Early life and career 

Although Seyi Vodi was born in Lagos, he is originally from the state of Osun. The University of Maiduguri granted him a degree in Geology upon completion of his studies there. During the time that he was required to perform national youth service in Akwa Ibom, he made friends with some of the tailors in the town and picked up the skill of sewing from them. When he first began his business, his first customers were his coworkers, for whom he sewed shirts and boxers. In 2001, Seyi registered his business under the name Testimony Fabrics. However, in 2003, he changed the name of the company to Vodi because he wanted a name that was both shorter and sounded more African.

In the year 2002, Seyi Vodi was not successful during a bank test, and the bank that he had applied to rejected his application. He ascribed his subsequent success to the fact that he had become more dedicated to his trade as a result of this setback.

In the end, Seyi was successful in obtaining employment in a bank in 2003, but she resigned shortly thereafter to pursue a career in fashion design. During that time, he did not have a store; instead, he went around with a go-bag to buy materials, then sewed at home and delivered them to his customers. As his company flourished, he decided to grow it into what is now known as Vodi Group and expanded his workforce. Today, Seyi serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Vodi Group, which is comprised of the companies Vodi Clean, Vodi Training Institute, Vodi Debo, and Vodi Textile.

Seyi Vodi Personal Life

In 2011, Seyi Alade-Adekunle wed the woman who would later become his wife, Bunmi Alade-Adekunle. They have a daughter in addition to their two sons and make their home in the Nigerian capital of Abuja.



Moesha, a fashion influencer, is being accused of being Seyi Vodi’s mistress. Seyi Vodi was caught in the act with her. A video that is now doing the rounds online shows Seyi’s wife confronting Moesha in the businessman’s office. The footage was captured by Seyi’s wife. The humiliation and stripping naked of the influencer came at the hands of Vodi’s wife, who was assisted by a few other women.

It was stated that Vodi ran away from the scene as soon as his wife arrived. It has come to light that Seyi Vodi has been carrying on an affair with Moesha for a number of years. When his wife found out about the romance, she cautioned Moesha to keep her distance from her husband.