Acclaimed Nigerian artist, Rexxie, has dropped his newest track, “Taka Oshi“. Off the newly released album “Big Time“, this single features the exceptional vocals of artist Berri-Tiga. Rexxie and Tboy da Flame join forces to create the production.

The track boasts some of the most catchy and fresh sounds heard in the music industry lately, which makes it an undeniably enjoyable listen. The impressive use of electric piano, bass guitar and traditional drum production, along with some stunning vocals, brings the song to life.

Every inflection and sound are masterfully handled to deliver an unforgettable musical exploration. Fans of all music genres from around the world will find a joyous beat that resonates through their soul. For those who seek to follow the rise of Rexxie, this single is essential. Stream and download “Taka Oshi” for an incredible experience!