Resonance Lee Lee Biography

Estar began singing when she was three years old. She started playing the guitar and writing her own songs when she was eleven years old. At the age of 14, she sang for Nigeria at the United Nations Children’s Congress in New York. She has a degree from the UNN in psychology.

Estar loves being outside and has worked with kids who have special needs. She has a husband and a son.


About Resonance

Two cousins, Esther Olaedo Iyizoba (formerly Ebigbo), also known as “Estar,” and Uche Ozoigbo, also known as “Gucheano,” made up the group “Resonance.” Resonance was formed in 2006 in Enugu, in the eastern part of Nigeria. They played gospel music.

The group got a lot of attention after the release of their first album, Chinwe Ike (God is great), which sold a lot of copies and was a big hit in Nigeria and beyond. They won a lot of awards in both Enugu and Lagos, which was the start of their careers.


Chinweike consists of seven tracks,

1. Chinwe Ike

2. Nna Anyi

3. Judgement Day Feat. Dekumzy

4. Holy Ghost Fire

5. Lee Lee

6. I Don Die Feat. Dusky

7. Thank You Feat. Dekumzy

The Real Story Of Why The Resonance Separated

It was about the year 2006, or around 14 years ago, that a gospel musical trio surprised the Nigerian music business with their blockbuster songs like “Lee Lee” and “Chinwe Ike.” Even as far back as 2006, this duo released musical records that were well received by a large number of people; yet, it is reasonable to question what has become of this music group in recent years.

Since the old saying goes that “nothing lasts forever,” nobody wants to see the things they enjoy or love blown away by the wind and vanish into thin air. This is the situation with the musical ensemble known as Resonance. After their cooperation in 2006 parted, and this has actually impacted the success or should I say the musical essence of this team, despite this, let’s have a look at the tale that happened behind the scenes.

What Led To The The Break-up Of Resonance

There are a lot of different explanations that might be given as to why this amazing music group disbanded, some of which are facts and some of which are fictions. However, there are certain aspects that stand out and may be pointed to as the spearhead of the reason for their break up. Several are

  • It is believed that they are cousins rather than brothers like P.Square’s members, even if they are related. Because they are not directly tied to one another, disputes are almost certain to emerge.
  • Both are distinct personalities who provide distinctively diverse approaches to their respective musical styles.
  • At the very least one of them is avaricious. What other reason could there be for him or her to quit a group that is sure to make millions? While the other one, most likely the female, performs all of the labor, the other one takes all of the credit.

It has been eleven years since these people disappeared from the public eye, not because they chose to do so but rather because they parted ways and went their separate ways, much like what the late Professor Chinua Achebe wrote: “Things drift apart, and the center can not hold.” Since they decided to go their separate ways, things have gone from bad to worse for Nigeria’s Resonance. Because the speedboat has just passed them by, Esther and Uche can no longer be found working in Nigeria’s music industry at this time. Yes, they have attempted to make a comeback, with Esther releasing Ifunnaya and Udo, but those two are nothing in comparison to Chinweike.


Facts About The Resonance

To tell you the truth, the only reason we were aware of those two songs was because they were included on the album Chinweike; to put it another way, she is operating in the shadow of Resonance.

In life, some people have to go through hardships in order to gain knowledge, while others are able to gain knowledge merely by observing the errors of others. In this particular instance, Esther and Uche had to go through hardships in order to gain their knowledge.

Don’t be avaricious and just watch out for yourself, don’t be selfish and only look out for yourself, and don’t be greedy since life is about more than just money. Above all else, love your fellow human beings as much as you love yourself. If you choose to ignore this, you could end up in the same position as this dropped group.