Rema is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and rapper who has gained international recognition for his unique blend of afrobeats, trap, and dancehall music. He rose to fame in 2019 with his hit single “Iron Man” and has since released several other chart-topping songs.


In 2020, Rema surprised fans with a remix of his hit song “Calm Down”, featuring the American pop star Selena Gomez. The collaboration was unexpected but highly anticipated by fans of both artists.


The remix of “Calm Down” retains the original melody and vibe of the song but with added electronic and trap elements, which elevate the track to a new level. Selena Gomez’s soft and sultry vocals blend seamlessly with Rema’s smooth flow, creating a unique sound that is both fresh and dynamic.


The lyrics of “Calm Down (Remix)” are a reflection of the emotions and feelings that arise in relationships. The song speaks about the struggles of maintaining a healthy relationship and the difficulties of letting go of someone you love. The chorus of the song is particularly catchy, with Rema and Selena singing, “Calm down, baby, please don’t cry, no need to ask why, just stay by my side.”


The music video for “Calm Down (Remix)” is also a work of art. The video features Rema and Selena in a futuristic setting, with stunning visual effects and dance moves. The video is a visual representation of the emotions and feelings expressed in the lyrics of the song.

Overall, “Calm Down (Remix)” is a fresh and exciting collaboration between two talented artists from different parts of the world. The song showcases Rema’s unique style of music and highlights Selena Gomez’s versatility as an artist. The lyrics and melody of the song are relatable and catchy, making it a hit among fans of both artists.


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