In Nepal, a popular Indian YouTuber with over a million subscribers was involved in a collision with his Kawasaki H2. Jatt Prabhjot is a well-known YouTuber and moto vlogger from India. He rides superbikes and posts lifestyle and motorcycle-related vlogs on his channel. After completing a number of different road journeys in northern India, he started his career as a bike vlogger. However, after he got married, he shifted his focus to lifestyle vlogging, and he became famous very quickly. He just recently purchased a Kawasaki H2 motorcycle and is currently in the midst of a motorcycling trip from Delhi to Nepal.


Posts on social media and statements made by witnesses indicate that he was moving at a rapid rate of speed when he collided with a Nepalese citizen who was in his 80s, causing him injury and causing the death of the elderly guy. It is not known for certain whether or not the elderly guy passed away as a result of the accident; nevertheless, according to witnesses, the elderly man had major injuries and lost a significant amount of blood. Jatt Prabhjot was also hurt in the accident, and both of his legs were broken.


He was transferred to a hospital in Kathmandu for additional care. There will shortly be additional information made available regarding the accident.


Jatt Prabhjot is a popular Punjabi YouTuber who lives in New Delhi. On December 9, 1992, he was born in New Delhi, India, to parents who followed the Sikh religion. His wife’s name is Priyanka Kapoor, but his real name is Jatt Prabhjot Singh. Jatt Prabhjot’s real name is Jatt Prabhjot Singh.


The video showed a number of individuals congregating in order to meet the YouTuber. In the meantime, many people rode their bicycles alongside him.

We are looking at the same footage where we can see him riding in a hostile manner. The same video also shows a lot of Kawasaki accelerating quickly and forcefully.