In the world of hip-hop, diss tracks have always been a potent means for artists to settle scores and assert their dominance. The latest entry into this tradition is Portable’s scorching diss track, “King of Settlement,” aimed squarely at fellow Nigerian rapper Sammy Larry. This 300-word article provides a concise look at the diss track and the brewing feud.

Portable and Sammy Larry, both established figures in the Nigerian music scene, were previously collaborators who enjoyed mutual respect. However, recent tensions and rumors of creative differences have escalated into a full-blown feud, prompting Portable to take the mic and address the issues head-on.

“King of Settlement” is an unrelenting verbal assault. Portable uses sharp wordplay, clever metaphors, and unapologetic aggression to challenge Sammy Larry’s rap skills and personal life. Accusations of riding on Portable’s success and leveraging their past collaborations feature prominently in the track. Accompanied by a compelling music video, the diss track leaves no doubt that Portable seeks to dethrone Sammy Larry.

Sammy Larry’s response has yet to manifest, but he has hinted at retaliation on social media. Fans and fellow artists are eagerly awaiting his comeback, and opinions on the feud abound.

In conclusion, Portable’s “King of Settlement” is a powerful addition to the annals of hip-hop diss tracks. It has intensified the rivalry between the two artists and drawn attention to the art of lyrical combat. Whether it leads to reconciliation or further escalation remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the diss track has undeniably elevated Portable’s status in Nigerian hip-hop, marking a pivotal moment in his career.

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