For the past 24 hours, Pastor Timi Lehin Adigun has been trending in Nigeria. Oloyede Julian, a well-known actress, had summoned him (Toyo Baby). While Toyo Baby revealed this information on her official Instagram page, she also stated that Timi Adigun withheld all of her social media account passwords.

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Pastor Timi Lehin Adigun Biography

Pastor Timi Lehin Adigun Biography

Timi Lehin Adigun is a pastor, counselor, life coach, and public speaker who has received accolades for his outstanding sermons both within and outside of Nigeria. He is also a published author. Over the years, he had established himself as a role model for young people in Nigeria and around the world.

The Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) is where Timi Adigun received his B.SC Certificate in Economics, which he later went on to complete.


Pastor Timi Lehin Adigun Age

Timi Adigun is currently 36 years old as of the date of this article’s publication.


Pastor Timi Adigun Wife

Pastor Timi Adigun Wife

Timi Lehin Adigun and Titi Adigun are blissfully married, and their affection for one another can be seen all over social media. Their couple has produced a number of attractive children.


Pastor Timi Adigun Church

Founder of The Ark Church, a house of worship in Lagos, Nigeria, Timi Adigun is a man of faith. Additionally, he is the owner of MINE Magazine, a Christian teen magazine that he started after he sold the church he founded. MINE Magazine is a Christina publication that promotes and teaches about sexual purity.


Pastor Timi Lehin Adigun Apology Post

He wrote: “My name is Timi Adigun. I have been called out on social media platforms and this is my humble response.

“I want to say I AM DEEPLY SORRY to everyone my actions and inactions have hurt at this time. The truth is, I was involved in inappropriate behaviour with females over a couple of years. I went against the sexual purity message I preach and believe in and I AM SO SO SORRY. I failed those of you who look up to me. Please find a place in your hearts to forgive me.

“I want to humbly state that there was no sexual intercourse with any, none was a minor, and my wife did not know about these actions while they happened. I have apologised to God, my wife, my in-laws, my family and some ministry members. I am here APOLOGIZING PUBLICLY.

He said, “I have apologised several times to ALL the ladies involved and also apologised to some’s family members. The final apology came in September when I sent voice note apologies to ALL OF THEM for taking advantage of their trust in me and they all, at different times, accepted my apology.

“This call out was more from ministry leaders who had had clashes with me at different times and used the occasion of this knowledge to get back at me, hence the use of the ministry’s Twitter Handle.

“Once again, I AM SO SORRY FOR MY WRONGS. I am 100% open and faithful to my wife now and I know deep within that I have repented. Please give me an opportunity to prove so. And yes, I still believe in sexual purity and I hope to be a worthy example, again, soon enough.

“I had stepped down in October from ministry and church. I only maintained a fellowship for the people that still wanted me to teach them the WORD. So, it is a fellowship running in the interim, not a church as at now.

“Then I also came back on social media prematurely and I apologise. I would be off until January when I am restored to the pulpit.

“To MINE Family members across the world, I AM SORRY. To the Christian Community, globally, I AM SORRY. To people of other faiths, I AM SORRY. To Nigerians, I AM SORRY. Please forgive me! Please find it in your hearts to do.”


Pastor Timi Lehin Adigun and Juliana Olayode Sexual Assault

Pastor Timi Lehin Adigun and Juliana Olayode Sexual Assault

Timi Adigun, the former pastor of Nollywood actress Olayode Juliana, has become embroiled in a bitter conflict after the actress accused him of sexually abusing her sister.

On Tuesday, Olayode called out Adigun, her spiritual father, and boss, for seizing control of her Facebook and other social media accounts. Adigun has since apologized.

As part of their social media spat on Wednesday, the actress claimed that the preacher had physically abused her younger sister.

“Have you ever taken the time to listen to yourself?” she inquired. I don’t think you did it, either. You used manipulation and sexual molestation to get my sister to confess, and you expected me to remain silent. You’re asking me to be calm in the face of adversity. In light of everything you’ve done and said, what do you believe you should do next? How? I’m not sure what you’re talking about.


“You make mention of apologizing and forgiving one another. Forgiveness is something that I am still working on. I forgave you then, as I was about to continue, for the sake of my sanity. You do something else that frustrates me, and I become outraged once more, praying with God to assist me in forgiving you for your actions.

Incomprehensible is the sorrow, the trauma, the disappointment, the sleepless nights, the tears that soaked my pillow, the shock, and every other aspect of the event.

According to Adigun’s response on his Instagram story, “For those concerned about me and requesting that I stop answering, if I were hauled before a court, I would be forced to speak or my lawyer would be forced to speak.”

“I have been summoned to appear before a social media jury.” Despite the fact that I have no choice but to speak the truth, it is up to each individual to determine what they believe.

However, I want to be clear that I am willing to appear before any court or panel and that I am willing to be investigated. “That being said, I want to be clear that I am prepared to appear before any court or panel and that I am willing to be investigated.”

“When you know you’ve told the truth, there is no need to be afraid.” I have never acted inappropriately with somebody sexually! I have figures, facts, and dates at my disposal. The things for which I was accountable, I acknowledged and apologized for. The next thing I’d want to see is a subpoena served on the defendant.

The usage of social media will continue, as will the expansion of my businesses and ministry. I don’t have the luxury of devoting time to this diversion. I’m not going to talk about it any more on here.”