Pak Bean Biography

Asif Mohammad (Fake Mr. Bean) is a Pakistani citizen who resembles Mr. Bean’s actor, Rowan Atkinson. Asif Mohammad, also known as Mr. Pak Bean, was invited to Zimbabwe in 2016 to perform on various shows.

According to reports, the “comedy show” by the man who resembled Mr. Bean at the Harare International Conference Centre was a flop because no one laughed. Despite the fact that he was addressed as “Mr. Pak Bean” did not perform as a solo act. Instead, he performed with other local artists, which was a huge letdown.


What Ngugi Chasura Said About Fake Mr. Bean Show?

According to Ngugi Chasura, each ticket to Mr. Paki Bean’s show cost $10 and provided little value. He wanted Pakistan to lose to Zimbabwe in the World T20 championship match so that the Pakistanis would learn a lesson.

As more tweets and replies revealed, Mr. Pak Bean had also appeared in some advertisements. “Maybe he is the other source of income to the Pakistan government doing international frauds,” Ngugi Chasura joked about Pakistan’s bad economy.

Ngugi Chasura was also upset with how the Zimbabwe government provided him with police protection and followed all of the rules while he was in Zimbabwe for the show.

In the first game of the tournament, India defeated Pakistan by four wickets on October 23, 2022.