Ogoni – Shey You Dey Whine Me Ni TikTok Song MP3 Download & Lyrics


Emmanuel spoke fast on the current state of society while singing in his native tongue on the recording that was made in the studio. He is performing to the best of his skills and skillfully utilizing the time he has available. The song “Shey You Dey Whine Me Ni” is now one of the top possibilities on TikTok Nigeria and is rapidly gaining popularity across a number of social media platforms.

What specific details do we now know about Austine Emmanuel? Although we don’t know much about him, the caliber of his future work will surely say a lot about him.


The origins of the beautiful Ogoni language can be found in Rivers State (Niger Delta Region). Austine is a native Ogoni speaker and performer, and the power of his voice gave the song a noticeable lift.

Additionally, a popular music video for the song “Shey You Dey Whine Me Ni” is now accessible on YouTube; however, we are unsure if this is the video that went viral. The image shows several elderly women carrying handkerchiefs while clad in traditional clothing. Around Austine Emmanuel, who is performing the vocals, they are arranged in a circle.


Listen & download below: