Ogbogu Okonji, the Nigerian singer-songwriter who is known for his unique style of music has released a brand new record titled “Ada Na Egbu Azu“.

This captivating love story depicts how a person can put others above themselves in order to show their true feelings. This song perfects captures the beauty and vulnerability of love, as shown through its intimate harmonic progression and soulful delivery of lyrical content. Funk and afrobeat elements create an incomparable soundbed for the smooth jazz inspired rhythm section and vocal melody, making for an extremely enjoyable listening experience.

Ogbogu Okonji once again proves why he is one of Nigeria’s most impactful musical minds with this single. Thanks to the incredible production prowess of music producer VinxxNation, it should become a hit among lovers of different varieties of music.

If you have not already heard it, then be sure to check out Ogbogu Okonji’s latest offering “Ada Na Egbu Azu” and enjoy the enchanting sounds of African music.