Noah Cyrus Biography

Noah Lindsey Cyrus is an American singer and actress. She was born on January 8, 2000 in the United States. She had small roles on shows like Hannah Montana and Doc when she was a child actress, and she also provided the English voice for the main character in the English dub of the movie Ponyo (2008). It was in 2016 that she made her first appearance as a singer with the release of the single “Make Me (Cry),” which featured Labrinth and reached its highest position on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 46. Good Cry (2018), The End of Everything (2020) and People Don’t Change are the three extended plays that she has released so far (2021). On September 16, 2022, her first studio album, titled The Hardest Part, was made available for purchase. At the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, she was up for consideration for the award for Best New Artist.

Cyrus is the youngest child of her parents, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus. Her older siblings are Trace, Brandi, and Miley Cyrus.


Early life

Cyrus was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on January 8, 2000. Her mother, Tish Cyrus, is a producer and director, and her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, is a country singer. Her parents’ marriage was a stormy one, with both parties filing for divorce on multiple occasions but eventually reconciling their differences and resuming their partnership. Miley Cyrus, Braison Cyrus, Brandi Cyrus, Christopher Cyrus, and Trace Cyrus are her siblings. Like Miley, most of her siblings have followed in her footsteps and become musicians or entertainers. Ron Cyrus, the children’s paternal grandfather, was a politician in the state of Kentucky.




Cyrus began her acting career when she was just 2 years old. Her first role was as Gracie Hebert on the sixth episode of her father’s television show, Doc. She appeared in the background as a dancer in the 2009 film Hannah Montana: The Movie (alongside her real-life older sister), and she had small roles in six episodes of the Hannah Montana spin-off series on the Disney Channel. In the film Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts Out? (2008), which was released directly to DVD, she played the role of a person going Trick or Treating. In 2009, she debuted in her first film role, which was the voice of the titular character in the English dub of the Japanese anime feature film Ponyo, which was produced in Japan. She performed the English version of the film’s theme song alongside Frankie Jonas, who sang the original version. Between the years 2009 and 2010, Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves hosted a webshow together under the name The Noie and Ems Show. She played the role of Connie, a character, in the seventh episode of the horror anthology series American Horror Stories, which aired in 2021.


After the announcement that Cyrus had signed a record deal with Barry Weiss’ record label named Records on November 15, 2016, it was later revealed that Cyrus had also signed a management deal with Maverick, which is run by Adam Leber. On the same day, she released her debut single, titled “Make Me (Cry),” which featured the English singer Labrinth. [8] In December 2016, she released an acoustic performance of the song “Almost Famous.” She also contributed vocals to the song “Chasing Colors,” which was performed by Marshmello and Ookay and was released in February 2017. [9] On April 14, 2017, she released another single titled “Stay Together,”[10] followed by the single “I’m Stuck,” which was released on May 25, 2017. [11] On September 21, 2017, she released another single titled “Again,” featuring XXXTentacion. She served as Katy Perry’s opening act for the Witness: The Tour from September 19, 2017, all the way through November 1, 2017. Cyrus made a surprise appearance at Emo Nite in Los Angeles in November 2017, performing a DJ set that featured some of her own music as well as that of her brother Trace Cyrus. [13] On November 24, 2017, the song “My Way,” which was a collaboration with the electronic group One Bit, was made available for purchase. In 2017, Cyrus was recognized as one of Time magazine’s 30 Most Influential Teens.

On February 7, she released her first single of 2018, titled “We Are…” It features the work of the Danish artist M. On May 11, 2018, Cyrus and MAX presented their collaborative single titled “Team.” A subsequent collaboration titled “Lately” was published on June 15, 2018, and it was done in conjunction with Tanner Alexander. Cyrus made the announcement of her first headlining tour, titled The Good Cry Tour, on July 9, 2018. On August 20, 2018, “Live or Die,” a joint effort with Lil Xan, was made available to the public. Cyrus was featured on “Slow,” a song that Norwegian DJ Matoma recorded in 2017, and it was included on his second album, One in a Million, which was released on August 24, 2018. On September 21, 2018, Cyrus released her newest extended play (EP), titled Good Cry. It includes new songs, some of which were created in collaboration with other artists, such as “Mad at You,” which was written by Gallant and “Punches,” which was written by LP. Cyrus’ vocals were featured on “All Falls Down,” a song that was included on DJ Alan Walker’s debut studio album, Different World, which was released on December 14, 2018. The song “July,” which was released by Cyrus on July 31, 2019, served as the first single from her upcoming second extended play (EP) titled The End of Everything. Cyrus shared her rendition of Mac Miller’s song “Dunno” on the 24th of July, 2020.

Cyrus released her second extended play (EP), titled The End of Everything, on May 15, 2020. AllMusic critic Neil Z. Yeung described the EP as “a vulnerable peek into the singer/mental songwriter’s and emotional struggles through heartfelt and simple offerings.” Cyrus’s second EP was available for purchase on iTunes.

She was planning to release her first studio album sometime in the early years of 2021, following the success of her single “The End of Everything.” On December 11, 2020, Cyrus released “All Three,” and the music video for the song was released the following week. She did not make another statement about the matter until the 8th of February, 2021, when she announced on her Instagram that she was about to release a joint EP with PJ Harding, with whom she had recently worked on songwriting (“July”, “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus”, “The End of Everything”), and that the first single from the EP, “Dear August,” was going to be released three days later. The title of the extended play (EP) was People Don’t Change, and it was made available for purchase on April 23, 2021.

Personal life 

Cyrus dated rapper Lil Xan for three months in 2018, beginning in June and ending in September. Cyrus is well known for being open and honest about the struggles she has experienced with her mental health. She suffers from depression and anxiety, the latter of which manifests itself in the form of panic attacks. She has indicated that she attends therapy in order to address these difficulties. Her songs frequently address her personal struggles, such as the songs “Sadness” and “Topanga” on her EP Good Cry, as well as the gloomy songs “July” and “Lonely” on her EP The End of Everything. Her music is often autobiographical.

Candace Owens, a conservative commentator, had criticized former member of One Direction Harry Styles for wearing a dress on the cover of Vogue. In response, Miley Cyrus came out in support of Styles, who wore a dress on the cover of the magazine in December 2020. However, in the process of doing so, she referred to Owens as a “nappy ass heaux,” which prompted criticism of Cyrus for her use of a racist term that referred to the Afro-centric hair texture. After that, she issued a statement in which she apologized for using the term by saying, “I am horrified that I used a term without being aware of its historical significance and context, but now that I am aware of both, I am truly sorry and I am mortified. It is not something I will ever use again. I am grateful to you for enlightening me. I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have offended. I am so so sorry.”


Cyrus took advantage of the occasion of her thirteenth birthday in 2013 to solicit monetary contributions toward the elimination of the use of horse-drawn carriages in the city of New York. She has been working with PETA more recently, first appearing in an ad that protested the use of animal dissection in high school science classes rather than plastic models or virtual dissection programs, and then appearing in another ad that supported a boycott of SeaWorld.


In 2019, after the release of her single “Lonely,” Noah collaborated with the Crystal Campaign to create a merchandising collection called The Lonely Collection. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this collection were donated to The Jed Foundation, a charitable organization in the United States whose mission is to safeguard the mental health of American adolescents and young adults and to reduce the risk of suicide among this age group. Later on, Cyrus became a member of the mobile app Depop and started selling her old clothes. A portion of the proceeds from these sales were also given to The Jed Foundation.