Nisha Maharana Biography

Nisha Maharana is an actress who works in Odia. She was born and raised in the Indian state of Maharashtra. At addition, she had finished all of her education in the only in Maharashtra. She began her academic career by not giving her academics a significant amount of her attention. However, she has always had a strong appreciation for singing and dance.

She said in an interview that she is a huge admirer of Sunny Leone, and like Sunny Leone, she has many tattoos covering various parts of her body.


Instagram ID

On the social networking application Instagram, Nisha Maharana may be found under the handle @nishamaharana.

Why Is Nisha Maharana Famous?

Nisha Maharana is now well-known not just in the state of Maharashtra, but also across the majority of the country of India. She already has a number of videos of her dancing posted on various social media platforms. People have a lot of respect for her incredible videos. In recent times, she has also had one of her videos become viral.

Since that time, she has achieved fame, and a number of Odia networks have attempted to do interviews with her.


Q1) Who is Nisha Maharana?

Ans) Nisha Maharana is an Odia Actress.

Q2) What is the net worth of Nisha Maharana?

Ans) Not Known.

Q3) What is the age of Nisha Maharana?

Ans) 23-25 years.

Q4) What is the Nationality of Nisha Maharana?

Ans) Indian.