Neko Sparks is a multi-talented personality, known for his work in the film industry as an actor, director, and screenwriter. Although there is not much information available about his personal life, Sparks' professional career has been quite eventful.

Early Life and Education

Born in Los Angeles, California, Neko Sparks' date of birth and age are not known to the public. Similarly, there is no information available about his parents or siblings. It is also not clear where Sparks completed his schooling, but he is believed to be a graduate of an unknown university or college.

Career in the Film Industry


Sparks' career in the film industry began as an actor, and he has appeared in several movies and TV shows over the years. However, he is also credited with writing and directing some of his projects. Despite being involved in multiple aspects of filmmaking, Sparks has kept a low profile, and not much is known about his work.

Neko Sparks’ Collection and Net Worth

There is no information available about Neko Sparks' net worth or salary, and it is unclear how much he has earned from his work in the film industry. However, as a businessman, he has been involved in several ventures, including Pixel Lime, a media company that develops digital advances.

Neko Sparks and NHL Team Ownership

In November 2022, when the NHL team Ottawa Senators announced that they were looking for new ownership, Neko Sparks emerged as a potential buyer. Reports suggest that Sparks is preparing to make an offer to purchase the franchise, and if successful, the Senators may become the first team ever to be owned by people of colour.

Sparks is assembling a group of 10 to 15 North American investors, and 75% of them are allegedly individuals of colour. The group includes some well-known Canadians, including a famous musician. The consortium is willing to pay an astounding $950 million for the club, which is significantly higher than the most recent sale of an NHL team, which occurred in 2003 for $92 million.

Sparks' involvement with the Senators' media company, Pixel Lime, may make this transaction a big gain for the group. Additionally, the NHL asked that the investment pool include Hollywood celebrity Ryan Reynolds, who is presently the owner of English football team Wrexham AFC.

Final Thoughts

Despite a relatively low profile, Neko Sparks' involvement in various ventures, including the film industry and business, has gained attention. His potential involvement in NHL team ownership is significant, as it could lead to increased diversity in team ownership and open up new opportunities for individuals of colour in the sports industry.

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