Tanzanian music star Navy Kenzo has done it again, this time delivering an outstanding latest single entitled “Manzese (Choir)“. This amazing track comes from Navy Kenzo‘s newest project “Most People Want This“, thus understandably being amongst the most talked about releases this year.

From the very start, listeners to the track will be captivated by the seriousness and uniqueness of the production. It goes without saying that the track is one of a kind, presenting a combination of pop with hip-hop elements which come to life thanks to Nahreel, the renowned music producer.

In the chorus, we can hear they majestic voices of the choir, making Manzese (Choir) an ode to the timeless development of audio engineering. Navy Kenzo‘s prowess in verbally articulating sensations of love and emotions in music, can truly be appreciated while listening to this track.

So don’t miss out on this revered single, stream or download it here now.