Popular Tanzanian singer-songwriter, Navy Kenzo, recently released an exciting new track titled “Corner” as part of his musical project titled “Most People Want This“. Produced by the talented producer, Nahreel, this track is sure to please music fans with its infectious beat and relatable lyrics.

Corner” is a relaxing song that encourages listeners to slow down and appreciate life’s little moments. With its emotive vocal abilities, Navy Kenzo takes his listeners on a dreamy sonic journey. His message is simple yet powerful; that life should be enjoyed in all its simplicity. This song is definitely one to add to your summer Playlist.

The accompanying music video for “Corner” provides an even more in-depth insight into the messages conveyed in the song. Directed by South African filmmaker, Alk who Footage, the visuals bring viewers into a world of serenity and natural beauty. As the video progresses, the lyrics become clearer and viewers are left with the feeling of hope and the reminder to be still and enjoy life.