Mohbad released a new song Titled Tiff after he Terminates his contract with the  Marlians Record Label.

Mohbad’s legal team released a statement asserting that Mohbad’s exit from the record label was a result of the constant attacks he received, which were orchestrated by Naira Marley, and unpaid royalties since 2019. The announcement of Mohbad’s departure from the record label was made by the singer’s management on Tuesday, October 25, and the statement was made public at the same time.

The departure of the “KPK” singer comes just a few weeks after he posted photos of bloodied bodies on his Twitter account on October 5, claiming that they were the result of an attack by the Marlian crew after he demanded that his manager be replaced and revealing that he had done so on the same day.

“Just because I want to change my manager who is their brother, see what they did to me at Marlian House,” he had tweeted, saying “World pls help me oo I’m dying inside.”

As a consequence of the assault, he went to the hospital to receive a chest X-ray and a CT scan for head impact. After revealing this information, he continued by saying, “I’m not high oo cos that is what dey always say just to die down everything.”

He asserted that Naira Marley was present during the assault but took no action to stop it despite being in the vicinity.

Additionally, the performer is alleging that the record label Marlian Music has refused to pay him royalties from monetised intellectual content as well as advances since 2019, as was previously agreed upon by both parties.

“In contravention of the terms of the arrangement between our client and yourself, you have failed to pay any advances as mutually agreed by both parties since 2019 till date;

“You have also failed to pay all royalties due our client from all his intellectual property works monetized, released, and utilised by you from 2019 till date,” the document read.

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Tiff” has some catchy lyrics like:

Everyday for the tiff
One day for the owner
Wan ti se ojoro

Everyday for the thief
One day for the owner
Wan ti se ojoro (Imole)

Sheybi a jo shey marlians ni
Won wa fe ma corner mi (won pa ro)
Won tun fe bother mi
But oluwa cover mi
Won pe daddy mi
Won threatening mummy mi
They wan take the peace in me
Won fe mo olorun mi

Everyday for the thief
One day for the owner
Paso wonder
Fvck their gunners
Emi Messi, I no be loser
Won fe ki’n Ronaldo
Gba corner
Barcelona, for the corner
Won fe ki’n wo sapa
I don stop to smoke the ganja
Modupe fun oluwa hallelujah
Zzz ko jaa
Black ko bad
Dollar mo rise
Why is Naira going down?
Kosi much but mo guide
Mio fresh but mo fine
Won ri ran mo sight
In the darkness
I’m the light

Listen to “Tiff” by Mohbad below.