August 14, 2022
Miniyothabo Baloyi Biography, Age, Husband, Career, Net Worth

Miniyothabo Baloyi Biography, Age, Husband, Career, Net Worth

Miniyothabo Baloyi Biography


She is a Zimbabwean business school graduate, a translator, and a member of the Zimbabwean National Army and one of its colonels. Miniyothabo Baloyi is the third wife of the Vice President of Zimbabwe, Constantino Chiwenga.

She began dating the Vice President in her 20s, even though he was still married to his previous wives. In 2022, rumors began to emerge that Constantino Chiwenga, the Vice President of Zimbabwe, was married to Miniyothabo Baloyi; however, the state media did not officially announce the marriage.


Miniyothabo Baloyi Age


Miniyothabo Baloyi It is currently unknown how old she is or if she was born or died, but she is likely to be in her forties.



Miniyothabo Baloyi State of Origin


As Miniyothabo Baloyi, Miniyothabo Baloyi was born in Nkayi, which is located in Matabeleland, North in the country of Zimbabwe.

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Miniyothabo Baloyi Education


In Zimbabwe, most likely in Bulawayo, Baloyi received her primary and secondary education. She completed both in Zimbabwe. After that, she attended PLA University of Foreign Languages in China in 2005 to study Mandarin Chinese as part of their Chinese language program. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese (Mandarin) from this educational institution and became a successful professional.

Additionally, Miniyothabo attended the University of Zimbabwe during the years of 2016 and 2018 to earn his master’s degree in international relations. In 2019, she earned a Master’s degree and a Doctorate in Business Leadership or Business Administration and Management from Midlands University. Her degrees are both in business-related fields.


Miniyothabo Baloyi Career

Since she was in her 20s, Miniyothabo Baloyi has been an active member of the Zimbabwe National Army. Her rank in the national army went from that of an ordinary member to that of a colonel when she received a promotion. This may be due to her educational background and connections to Constantino Chiwenga, now Zimbabwe’s vice president and a former army commander.

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Baloyi is not only a national army member but also performs an essential role in the Zimbabwean government as a language translator, primarily between Chinese and Zimbabwean government officials. Her primary focus is on communicating between these two groups. Since she is fluent in several languages, including English, Chinese Mandarin, Ndebele, Shona, French, and Zulu, the government has given her the responsibility of translating between these tongues.



Miniyothabo Baloyi Husband


Colonel Minyothabo Baloi is Vice President Constantino Chiwenga of Zimbabwe’s third wife. Miniyothabo Baloyi is sometimes known as Miniyothabo Baloyi.

In addition to being a colonel in the Zimbabwe National Army, she holds a degree in business from Zimbabwe and is also a translator. In 2022, rumors began to spread that Constantino Chiwenga, the Vice President of Zimbabwe, was married to Minyothabo Baloyi; however, state-controlled media outlets did not officially confirm this.



Miniyothabo Baloyi Children


The identities of Miniyothabo Baloyi’s children have not been revealed to the general public.

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Miniyothabo Net Worth


It is not yet known what Miniyothabo Baloyi Net is, so make sure to keep refreshing the page so you can find out when we update this area.


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