Millicent Omanga Biography

Millicent Omanga is a force to reckon with in Kenya’s political scene. Her rise to fame has been attributed to her curvaceous figure, which makes her stand out from other female politicians in the country. However, there’s more to her than just her appearance. In this post, we’ll be looking at Millicent Omanga’s biography, career, personal life, and social media handles.


Early Life and Education


Millicent Omanga was born on May 30, 1982, in Kisii, Kenya. She is the firstborn in a family of seven girls. Unfortunately, her father passed away when she was still young, leaving her mother to raise their children single-handedly. Omanga attended Mumbi Girls High School for her secondary education and later joined the University of Nairobi, where she pursued a degree in Journalism.




Before joining politics, Millicent Omanga was a small business owner. Her foray into politics came when she was appointed as a director of the Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) by Deputy President William Ruto. She later contested for the Nairobi Women’s Representative seat in the 2017 General Election but lost in the Jubilee Party primaries to Rachel Shebesh.

Despite the loss, she remained resilient and was later nominated to the Senate by the Jubilee Party. She has since been serving as a nominated senator, and her contributions to the Senate have been recognized both in Kenya and internationally. Her focus has been on championing the rights of women and children, promoting youth empowerment, and advocating for better healthcare services in the country.


Personal Life


Millicent Omanga is married to Dr Francis Nyamiobo, a medical doctor. The couple is blessed with two children, Wayne and Maya. She is a devout Christian and a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Omanga is also involved in philanthropic activities, and she has used her position in the Senate to advocate for the underprivileged in society.


Social Media Handles


Millicent Omanga is active on social media, and she uses her platforms to engage with her followers and share her thoughts on various issues affecting the country. You can connect with her on Instagram (@senator_omanga) and Twitter (@MillicentOmanga).

In recent times, Millicent Omanga made headlines for skipping a Parliamentary Group meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta. Her move sparked heated discussions on social media, making her the most discussed nominated senator on Twitter and Facebook. However, she has remained firm in her stance, stating that she is answerable to the people who nominated her and not the party leadership.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who is Millicent Omanga? A: Millicent Omanga is a Kenyan politician and philanthropist. She is a nominated Senator under the Jubilee Party and is one of the most popular female politicians in the country.

Q: When was Millicent Omanga born? A: Millicent Omanga was born on the 30th of May 1982.

Q: What is Millicent Omanga’s current position? A: Millicent Omanga is a nominated Senator under the Jubilee Party.

Q: What is Millicent Omanga’s educational background? A: Millicent Omanga holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Nairobi.

Q: Who is Millicent Omanga’s husband? A: Millicent Omanga is married to Dr Francis Nyamiobo, a medical doctor in Kenya.

Q: Does Millicent Omanga have children? A: Yes, Millicent Omanga and her husband have two children named Wayne and Maya.

Q: Is Millicent Omanga a Senator? A: Yes, Millicent Omanga is a nominated Senator under the Jubilee Party.

Q: What county does Millicent Omanga represent as a Senator? A: As a nominated Senator, Millicent Omanga does not represent any specific county.

Q: Where does Millicent Omanga live? A: The exact location of Millicent Omanga’s residence is not publicly known.

Q: What is Millicent Omanga’s net worth? A: Millicent Omanga’s net worth is currently unknown.


In conclusion, Millicent Omanga’s story is one of resilience, hard work, and determination. Despite facing numerous challenges, she has continued to push for change and make a difference in her community. Her story is an inspiration to many, especially young women who aspire to join politics and make a difference.