Mellow and Sleazy has released yet another stunning new song, and it’s sure to be an instant hit! Entitled “Amasango”, this is sure to be one of the standout tracks from the talented Nigerian music sensation.

The song “Amasango” is a captivating mix of amazing production and emotive vocals. The beats and melodies pack a punch, elevating the listener’s spirit with its alluring energy. The lyrics explore topics that listeners may easily relate to, making the song even more enjoyable.

Music fans who are looking for a timeless bop should not hesitate to check out Mellow and Sleazy‘s new track, “Amasango“. This fantastic release is sure to become an essential part of your music collection in no time! With it fresh and vibrant sounds and cleverly crafted lyrics, music lovers will surely be delighted with the song. So don’t miss out, and be sure to listen to this incredible track now.

Listen & download below: