MC Stan Big Boss 16 Biography

MC Stan was selected to participate in the competition. The young musician from Pune will be sharing his experience of rising from poverty to success on the show that is hosted by Salman Khan. He introduced himself to the audience as “Basti ka hasti” while entering the stage, which caused Salman to smile. The Bollywood actor appeared to be pleased to meet Stan, and he went on to explain that in his twelve seasons of involvement with Bigg Boss, he has never encountered “an item” like Stan. Both of these comments indicate that the Bollywood star was pleased to meet Stan.

In addition, Lock Upp winner Munawar Faruqui showed their admiration and support for the musician, who is 23 years old. The comedian was quite supportive of his buddies as they embarked on this new adventure with him. It is interesting to note that Munawar had already joked about how he did not take part in this year’s Bigg Boss competition because the show could only accommodate one “chhapri.”



Early Life and Background

MC Stan is a rapper who hails from the city of Pune. His true name is Altaf Tadavi, also known as Altaf Shaikh. At the age of 12, he began his musical career as a qawwali singer; nevertheless, he soon found himself pulled toward rapping. He has published two albums, titled Insaan and Tadipaar, and is currently located in Mumbai. A diss tune he did about Emiway Bantai and a collaboration video he did with Raftaar helped him get additional notoriety. MC Stan has opted to maintain a low profile throughout his career and frequently refers to himself as an “underground artist.” However, he recently gained notoriety after his ex-girlfriend accused him of orchestrating an attack in which she was severely battered by a group of thugs.



Big Boss 16

A few days ago, Colors TV presented MC Stan as one of the competitors in the competition. In a typical hip-hop manner, the rapper was seen in the video referring to Bigg Boss as “buddy,” as is common in the genre. Stan responds that since he is also participating in the game this season, he is also like a brother to him. This comes as Bigg Boss is correcting him for declaring that he is the boss.

MC Stan had previously discussed his desire for his music to be heard in every corner of the world in an interview that took place with the Pune Mirror. In addition to revealing that he will be composing music in his own language, he went on to say, “Hindi is my genre, and I want to take Hindi onto an international scale as it is my’matrabhasha.'” I have a strong desire to propagate this language until it is included in the educational curricula of Western nations, which is what inspired me to launch my own record label known as Hindi Records.


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MC Stan is a rapper from Pune. His true name is Altaf Tadavi, although he goes by the stage name Altaf Shaikh.
30 August 1999 (age 23 years)