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May Yul Edochie Biography

May Yul Edochie Biography


May Aligwe Edochie Biography

Nigerian businesswoman May Yul Edochie was born on September 16, 1980. She is the CEO of DKK Investment, and she is married to Nigerian movie star Yul Edochie.

There are four children in May Yul Edochie’s family: one daughter and three sons. Pete Edochie’s daughter-in-law is May Aligwe, married to Yul Edochie.


May Aligwe Edochie Wikipedia

May Yul Edochie Wikipedia

May Yul Edochie Wikipedia

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May Aligwe Edochie Age

May Yul Edochie was born and is currently in her mid-30s. We don’t have any record of her actual age, but we promise to keep you updated very soon.


May Aligwe Edochie State of Origin

Born in Anambra State in Nigeria, May Yul Edochie Aligwe is now a Nigerian citizen.


May Aligwe Edochie Husband

May Yul Edochie Husband 

May Yul Edochie Husband

Yul Edochie was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on January 7, 1982. He is 40 years old at the moment.

His parents named him Yul Brynner, a well-known Russian actor. He is from Nigeria’s Anambra State.


Who is Yul Edochie’s biological father?

Pete Edochie is his biological father. Pete Edochie is a legendary actor and one of the industry’s pioneers. Josephine Edochie is Yul Edochie’s mother.

He was born in Anambra state but has lived most of his life in Lagos and Enugu. He is the sixth child of a family of six.

Yul Edochie is the youngest of five siblings. Leo Edochie, Uche Edochie, Linc Edochie, and Gene Edochie are his brothers. He also has a sister, who is the family’s sixth child.


May Aligwe Edochie Children

May Yul Edochie Children 

May Yul Edochie Children

May Yul Edochie is blessed with 4children which are one daughter and three sons. The name of her children are:

  • Dani Edochie,
  • Kambi Edochie,
  • Karl Edochie,
  • Zane Edochie


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