Matt Goss Biography

Matthew Weston Goss is a musician and singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom. He was born on September 29, 1968. The 1980s pop group Bros comprised both he and his twin brother Luke, who was also the band’s drummer. He was the lead singer of the band. Goss has recorded five studio albums under his own name as a solo artist.

Nigel Lithgow’s So You Think You Can Dance features a theme tune penned by Goss and produced by Lithgow.


Early life 

Matthew Goss was born on September 29th, 1968 in the borough of Lewisham, which is located in London. He was born in Lewisham Hospital. Luke Goss is his twin and he is the younger sibling of this man.



Goss authored not one, but two books: the best-selling autobiography, More Than You Know: The Autobiography, which was released in 2005, and Bear Crimbo, a children’s narrative and intellectual property that was in the midst of being prepared for a large publication worldwide in 2021 for Christmas.

Personal life 

Goss has never been married, so she does not have any children of her own. Reggie is Goss’s pet French Bulldog, and his name is Goss. As of the month of April 2022, he is romantically involved with jewelers Chantal Brown.



Studio albums 

Title Details Chart positions Certifications
The Key
  • Released: 6 May 1996 
  • Label: Polydor
Early Side of Later
  • Released: June 2004
  • Label: Concept Music
  • Released: August 2009
  • Label: TMG
Life You Imagine
  • Released: October 2013
  • Label: Universal Records
The Beautiful Unknown
  • Released: 25 March 2022
  • Label: Lewisham Records


Year Title Chart positions Album
1995 “The Key” 40 35 The Key
1996 “Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away”
“If You Were Here Tonight” 23
2003 “I’m Coming with Ya” 22 Non-album single
2004 “Fly” 31 Early Side of Later
2006 “It’s the End of the Road” Non-album single
“Evil” Gossy
2010 “Firefly” (with Paul Oakenfold)
2011 “Fighting for Love” Non-album single
2013 “Strong” Life You Imagine
2014 “I Do”
“Nothing Like This”
2016 “A Vegas Summer” Non-album single
“Gone Too Long”
2018 “Red Flares”
2020 “If I Ain’t Got You”
2021 “Somewhere to Fall” The Beautiful Unknown
“Better with You”

As featured artist 

Year Title Chart positions Album
1995 “Supermodel Sandwich W/Cheese” (Terence Trent D’arby feat. Matt Goss) Vibrator
2004 “I Need the Key” (Minimal Chic feat. Matt Goss) 54 Non-album Single
2005 “With Or Without You” (Minimal Chic feat. Matt Goss)
2013 “Touch the Sky” (Paul Oakenfold, Matt Goss & The Concrete Sneakers)


a person’s private life. Goss has never been married, so she does not have any children of her own. Reggie is Goss’s pet French Bulldog, and his name is Goss. Since the month of April 2022, he has been seeing the jeweler Chantal Brown.
Is Matt Goss already taken? It is believed that jeweler Chantal Brown is now seeing Matt Goss at this time. At the beginning of 2018, he gave an interview to The Sun, during which he stated, “My last meaningful relationship was with [TV host] Daisy Fuentes, with whom I lived for 10 years.”
Matt Goss claims that he has spent “years and years” attempting to understand the “complex” nature of his relationship with his twin brother Luke. In their youth, the two were inseparable and, along with their mutual friend Craig Logan, they launched a successful musical career as members of a band that topped the charts in the 1980s.
The singer-songwriter and musician Matt Goss, who hails from England and has a net worth of $4 million, is known by his stage name Matt Goss.