Mandya Ravi Biography

Ravi Mandya is an accomplished actor, but he is perhaps most recognized for his work in the film Savarna deergha sandhi (2019).

A death has occurred involving the actor Mandya Ravi, who was also known as Ravi Prasad. A private hospital was where the actor, who was originally from the Mandya district, took his final breath. His loved ones, colleagues in the television industry, and other associates have expressed their sorrow over his premature passing.

Cause of Death

Dr. Mudde Gowda, the actor’s father, has confirmed the information that his son has passed away. Ravi’s mortal remains will be preserved and made available for public sight in his hometown of Mandya, and it is anticipated that the last rituals would be performed on Thursday. Jayashree, who is both an actor and a producer, has expressed her shock over the passing of Ravi. Even the President of the Kannada Television Association, Shivakumar, has expressed his sorrow at the passing of Ravi. Magalu Janaki, Varalakshmi tales, and Nammane Yuarani were just a few of the serials in which he had previously appeared.

“The actor was suffering from multiple organ failure and failed to respond to the treatment,” according to the sources.


His age was not available for comment at the time of writing this sentence.


At the time of writing this article, information regarding Mandya’s spouse was not yet available.

Reaction to his Death

ETimes TV was able to get in touch with the actress Ankita Amar, who most recently shared screen time with the late actor in the television soap opera Mandya Ravi.

After learning the devastating news about the passing of her favorite actor, Ankita finally broke her silence and remarked, “As a result of receiving the news that Mandya Ravi sir has died away, I find myself both unable to speak and startled. The really distressing news is a source of much frustration. I pray that God will grant his family the strength they need to make it through this trying time. In addition, Mandya Ravi sir was a skilled artist, and his absence would be felt throughout the profession to a significant degree.”

“I was thrilled when I learned that Mandy Ravi sir was roped in to essay the character of Shankarmurthy in Nammane Yuvarani. I have watched him act effortlessly since childhood and was a big fan of him as well. Getting to share screen space with him was another level of excitement for me. I did have a wonderful time shooting with him on the sets of our show,” shared Ankita.

Ankita continued by adding, “The way Mandya Ravi sir would express himself in front of the camera was very intense. He would get into the skin of the on-screen character and give his best shot. In Nammane Yuvarani, he was essaying the role of a baddie, and the way he would enact a few scenes was a treat to watch on the sets. His eyes would bring out so much of emotions.”

The actress takes a trip down memory lane and thinks back to a day when she was filming a stressful sequence for the movie Nammane Yuvarani.

“There was this particular scene where I was asked to slap Mandya Ravi sir as the scene demanded it. So, before going for the shot, I asked him if he was ok with the shot. I was very nervous about this particular scene. Interestingly, when I shared the same with Mandya Ravi sir, he asked me to just get involved in the scene and give it the best shot. Although we were having fun amidst that particular shot, the situation took a drastic change when the director said action. Both of us got into our on-screen characters and the scene came out really very well,” shared Ankita.

She summed up by saying, “Not just this particular scene, there are many other beautiful and memorable incidents I would like to cherish related to Mandya Ravi sir. He was an artist who could carry any role effortlessly. He will be deeply missed.”