Maglera Doe Boy Biography

Maglera Doe Boy is a South African rapper hailing from the township of Katlehong in Gauteng. He was born on October 8, 1994, and grew up in a musical family, with both his mother and father being avid music lovers.


Maglera Doe Boy began his music career in 2012, initially performing under the name of Cap Nono. He released his first mixtape, entitled “B.E.E.T. Vol. 1: The Prelude,” in 2014, which showcased his unique blend of lyrical skill and street sensibility. The mixtape was well-received, and helped establish Maglera Doe Boy as a rising star in the South African hip hop scene.


Over the years, Maglera Doe Boy has continued to hone his craft and develop his sound, drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical genres and styles. He has released several successful mixtapes, including “2Player,” “Vintage Music,” and “Plug Talk,” which have garnered critical acclaim and helped him build a dedicated fan base.

Maglera Doe Boy’s music is characterized by his intricate wordplay and socially-conscious lyrics, which often explore themes of identity, race, and class in contemporary South Africa. He is known for his ability to blend traditional South African sounds with modern hip hop beats, creating a sound that is both unique and engaging.

In addition to his music, Maglera Doe Boy is also an entrepreneur, and has founded his own record label, Doe Boy Mansion. He is committed to promoting and supporting other up-and-coming artists in the South African music industry, and is known for his collaborative and community-driven approach to music.

Maglera Doe Boy has been recognized as one of the most promising young talents in South African hip hop, with his music receiving widespread critical acclaim and attention. He has collaborated with a wide range of artists, both locally and internationally, and has performed at festivals and shows across the country. With his dedication to his craft and commitment to his community, Maglera Doe Boy is poised to become one of the biggest stars in South African music in the years to come.


Maglera Doe Boy Age


Maglera Doe Boy was born on October 8, 1994, which makes him currently 28 years old (as of March 2023).


Maglera Doe Boy Parents


There is limited information available about Maglera Doe Boy’s parents, as he has not publicly shared many details about his family. However, he has mentioned in interviews that both his mother and father were music lovers and had a significant influence on his own musical career. He has also stated that he grew up in the township of Katlehong in Gauteng, South Africa, which is where he began his music journey.


Maglera Doe Boy Record Label

Maglera Doe Boy is the founder and CEO of his own record label, Doe Boy Mansion. The label was established in 2019, and is dedicated to supporting and promoting up-and-coming artists in the South African music industry. Maglera Doe Boy has described Doe Boy Mansion as a “movement” rather than just a record label, and is committed to creating a collaborative and community-driven space for artists to create and share their music. The label has already signed several promising young artists, and has released a number of successful projects, including Maglera Doe Boy’s own mixtape, “2Player.”