Libo Wins Big Brother Mzansi Head of House In Week 7 As Themba Became His Deputy

Libo Wins Big Brother Mzansi Head of House In Week 7

Congratulations to Libo as he wins the Big Brother Mzansi Head of House in Week 7 of the reality show. He picked Themba as his Deputy Head of House which really made Themba happy and free from eviction this week.

Libo Wins Big Brother Mzansi Head of House In Week 7
Libo Wins Big Brother Mzansi Head of House In Week 7


Congratulations to the BBMzansi Housemates that are still in the game!

Top 10 Big Brother Mzansi 2022 Season 3 Housemates

With only ten Housemates remaining, we are moving closer to the #BBMzansi Grand Finale, and with R2 million on the line, the stakes continue to rise. We have so many unanswered questions about how they’ve all had to adjust their strategy for this game, but each Housemate has brought their own unique flair.


Tulz has progressed this far in the game without being Nominated for possible Eviction because – as fate would have it – he was elected Head of House when he was most likely to be Nominated, rendering him immune to the Nominations procedure. At some point, we must admit that luck truly does occur when you least expect it.


Sis Tamara shocked the House when she announced that they would not save Terry when she was Nominated but would instead put Vyno up for probable Eviction. Although the buzz was that it wasn’t personal, we believe they were strategically demonstrating that Game yiGame and you owe no Housemate loyalty, especially when your sights are set on the colossal big prize.

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From lovers to strangers, Mphowabadimo and Libo expressed shared anxiety about how they would fare in the House if they joined up, whether strategically or romantically. While these were reasonable fears about their individuality in the game, they have both abandoned any chance of finding love in order to focus exclusively on the money.


Terry and Venus have both expressed relief that their love interests are no longer in the House. Their departure provided some unexpected clarity on their purpose at Biggie’s House. This is evident in the way they have taken the initiative to become more engaged in the House. At the very least, it is evident to them that money is more important than boys – we hope they continue to play their game!


On the other hand, Gash1 has been playing a game of his own — within the game’s second week, he changed his approach and opted to play for the long haul. Although Gash1 has never revealed how he plays his game, we know he has been scattering the BBMzansi House for quite some time. From snitching on the men’s conference to his fiery reign as HoH, we have witnessed it all.

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Themba has been on his alert, playing the surveillance game to ensure he is fully aware of what is occurring in the House while keeping his rivals close by. He is also the most outspoken about his refusal to commit to any friendship or alliance and is not afraid to let his opponents know he is aware of their game. He has admitted in several of his Diary Sessions that he does not trust any of his Housemates, especially Biggie. All we know for certain is that he is keeping his eyes open. Although he has formed a strategic alliance with Gash1, he believes that keeping the Housemates who are less competitive will give them a better chance of winning. Themba’s strategies have developed over the course of the game, and we’re excited to see what he comes up with next.


Nale and her “having fun” method have gotten her thus far, and they are well-deserving of recognition. She maintains her lane, attempting to mind her own business. She is adamant that everything she has done thus far has maintained her in the House, which entails her maintaining a consistent personality throughout. We admire a woman who has a game plan and is loyal to herself – after all, girls just want to have fun!

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Thato is one Housemate who has had to mature quickly. By playing her cards well when it comes to picking who to ship with, Thato has purposefully questioned the gents who have expressed interest in her while consciously choosing the gent who is the ideal match for her. We must admit that it has been beneficial to her. She has now entered the game, she claims, and has resolved to stop acting emotionally in the face of the fact that everyone else is acting strategically. Although it required her friends’ departures and her nomination to reach this point, she has adopted a mind game plan that may or may not work for her even at this stage of the game.


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