August 15, 2022
Lanre Teriba Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Church, Wife, Family & Net Worth

Lanre Teriba Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Church, Wife, Family & Net Worth

Lanre Teriba Biography


Since he first began working in the field of entertainment, gospel singer Lanre Teriba has been at the top of his game, making him one of the most successful artists in his area in Nigeria.

His first album, which he titled ATORISE, established him as a leader in the Yoruba gospel music scene and made him a notable face and actor in the genre.

Despite his enormous success in his career, controversy is the primary thing that continues to damage his reputation.


It was once asserted that the phenomenal gospel singer’s close association with other circular musicians led to his detour away from a career as a gospel performer. Another scandal that plagued his career was the allegation that he engaged in unwelcome sexual activity. According to the rumor, the Atorise crooner had sexual encounters with unmarried women and was responsible for their untimely and unplanned pregnancies.


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Lanre Teriba Early Life


Olanrewaju Michael Afolabi Teriba, better known by his stage name Atorise, was born on May 13 in Ogun State, Nigeria. His full name is Olanrewaju Michael Afolabi Teriba.

His late father, Samuel Oladimeji Awomosu Teriba, and his late mother, Hannah Atinuke Teriba, gave birth to him. His father passed away before he was born (mother).

Lanre Teriba Biography
Lanre Teriba picture
Lanre Teriba wife
Lanre Teriba Children
Pastor Lanre Teriba
Lanre Teriba

Lanre Teriba Career


When Lanre Teriba was still in school, he became a member of the Kegite Club, a socio-cultural organization. This was the beginning of his career.

After receiving his diploma, Lanre Teriba looked for work but was unsuccessful in his search. In 1998, he launched his career as a musician performing gospel music. He became acquainted with Tunde Olokodana, a music promoter during this time. Olokodana.


Atorise, Lanre Teriba’s debut album, was released in the year 2000, and this was the year that propelled him into the public eye (Reformer).

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Since he first gained widespread attention in the music industry, Lanre Teriba has released more than 17 studio albums.

One of the most well-known gospel musicians in Nigeria, Lanre Teriba has performed in various nations across Africa, North America, and Europe as part of his extensive tour schedule.


At the City People Music Awards, Lanre Teriba was recognized as the Best Gospel Artist of the Year.



Lanre Teriba Education


Christ Centre Primary School in Ilupeju, Lagos State, and Estate Grammar School in Oshodi, Lagos, are where Lanre Teriba received his early education.

Accounting was Lanre Teriba’s major at Federal Polytechnic, Kwara State, where he was a student of Kwara State.


Lanre Teriba Songs

  • Halleluyah
  • Iyanu
  • Iranlowo
  • Ola Mi A Dara
  • Na God
  • One Day
  • Olorun Iberu
  • Erin Ayo
  • Work Around
  • Isegun


Lanre Teriba Wife 


Lanre Teriba got married to his wife Folashade Adesomu in 2014. Their union is blessed with children.

Lanre Teriba Biography
Lanre Teriba picture
Lanre Teriba wife
Lanre Teriba son
Lanre Teriba daughter
Folashade Adesomu
Lanre Teriba

Lanre Teriba Instagram Handle

  • Instagram:@lanreteriba
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Lanre Teriba Net Worth

Lanre Teriba, a Nigerian musician, is a rising star. An estimated value of $100,000 has been placed on him.

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