Lamidi Apapa Biography

Lamidi Apapa is a prominent Nigerian politician who currently holds the position of national chairman of the Labour Party. He succeeded the suspended Julius Abure and previously served as the chairman of the Oyo chapter of the Labour Party. Lamidi Apapa hails from Oyo state and has made appearances on notable media outlets such as Channels TV and Arise News.


Early Life and Political Career


Lamidi Apapa was born in 1950 in the state of Oyo, Nigeria. While information about his early life and family background is not readily available, his political career has thrust him into the spotlight. Apapa's dedication to public service and leadership responsibilities within the Labour Party have contributed to his rise to prominence in Nigerian politics.

As a respected Nigerian politician, Lamidi Apapa is widely recognized as the national chairman of the Labour Party. He assumed this position after the suspension of Julius Abure. Prior to this, Apapa served as the head of the Labour Party's Oyo chapter, showcasing his commitment to the party's values and principles.


Controversy and Allegations


Recently, the Labour Party has been embroiled in a leadership dispute, with the faction led by Julius Abure claiming that the Lamidi Apapa side has approached tribunals with requests to drop all lawsuits involving the party's candidates challenging the outcome of the 2023 general election. The party leadership loyal to Abure has raised concerns about an alleged conspiracy by the Apapa-led faction to undermine their ongoing challenge to the electoral process, which resulted in the announcement of the All Progressives Congress Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.


Contributions and Media Presence


Lamidi Apapa has made significant contributions to Nigerian politics throughout his career. As the national chairman of the Labour Party, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the party's direction and advocating for its principles. Apapa's involvement in politics has granted him opportunities to express his ideas on prestigious platforms, including Channels TV and Arise News.


Personal Life and Net Worth


Lamidi Apapa's personal life remains relatively private, and little information is available about his family or spouse. However, it is known that he is married, although his wife's name is currently undisclosed.

In terms of his net worth, Lamidi Apapa is estimated to have a net worth of over $700,000 USD. As a politician and businessman, he has dedicated his career to public service and has been actively involved in various endeavors to make a positive impact on Nigeria's political landscape.


Lamidi Apapa's biography showcases his journey as a Nigerian politician and highlights his current position as the national chairman of the Labour Party. Despite controversies and allegations surrounding his leadership, Apapa remains dedicated to the party's cause. With a net worth of over $700,000 USD, he continues to contribute to Nigerian politics and aims to make a lasting impact on the nation.