Ladipo Johnson Biography, Wikipedia, Religion, Age, Career, Net Worth

Ladipo Johnson Biography, Wikipedia, Religion, Age, Career, Net Worth

In this article, I will explain all you need about Ladipo Johnson’s Biography, Wikipedia, Religion, Age, Career, and Net Worth. Without much ado, let’s get into the main content:

Ladipo Johnson Biography


As one might infer from the name, Ladipo Johnson belongs to the Yoruba people. Because Kwankwaso, the NNDP Presidential Candidate, chose him as his Vice President, he is currently very popular throughout the country. If you are up to date on the most recent developments in politics, there is no way that you could be unaware that Kwankwaso is running for president. I’m using this forum to inform you that Ladipo Johnson will be his running mate in the upcoming election.

We are sorry to say that we do not have much information about him, but if you keep refreshing this section, you will be notified when we update it.

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Who Is Ladipoe Johnson?


Barr. Ladipo Johnson has been selected to serve as the New Nigeria Peoples Party’s (NNPP) running mate for the party’s presidential candidate, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso. This decision was made public by the NNPP.

Johnson was a native of Lagos State, located in South-West Nigeria, and he ran for the position of governor.


The NNPP announced this through its official Twitter handle, which is @nnpphqabuja1. This information was also confirmed by Major Agbor, who serves as the National Publicity Secretary for the party.

The statement made by the party was as follows: “Road to 2023: Bar Ladipo Johnson is our great party’s candidate for Vice President.”


Our sister publication, LEADERSHIP Friday, had earlier reported that three candidates from the Southern part of the country had been screened as possible running mates to go along with Kwankwanso in his presidential campaign.

Johnson, in his capacity as president of the African Institute of Enterprise Development and Management, has issued a rallying cry to the people of Nigeria, urging them to emerge from their slumber and engage in constructive actions that have the potential to save the country from further descent into poverty.

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Johnson, who is also the convener of “The Johnson Initiative for Positive Impact,” had previously criticized the Federal Government’s economic policies, claiming that they reduced Nigerians to a state of servitude.


In a previous interview, Johnson expressed his regret that the people have been forced to accept such stringent policies, contributing to the people’s ongoing suffering.

Johnson stated that Nigerians had been subjected to more suffering due to the increase in the Value-Added Tax (VAT) rate to 7.5 percent and other related taxes on consumer goods and services. These taxes include graduated percentages of up to 6 percent stamp duty on rental and lease agreements. Johnson also stated that the VAT rate had been increased.

Ladipo Johnson Age

The exact date of Ladipo Johnson’s birth and age is still a mystery, but he is likely to be in his 60s.


Ladipo Johnson State Of Origin

We are not certain of Ladipo Johnson’s place of birth; however, we know he comes from a Yoruba tribe.

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Ladipo Johnson Religion

Ladipo Johnson identifies as a follower of Jesus Christ as his religion.



Who Is Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso Running Mate 2023?

Media house confirmed today, June 18th, 2022, that Ladipo Johnson will be Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso’s running mate in the upcoming election.



Ladipo Johnson’s Net Worth

There is currently no information regarding Dr. Ladipo Johnson’s estimated net worth.

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