Korra Obidi Biography

In the year 1994, Korra Obidi was born in Oshimili, which is located in the northern part of Delta State in Nigeria. She was born and raised in the same place that her parents had both grown up in. She and her two brothers all received their upbringing in the local church. She is known for her work in the entertainment industry as a singer, actor, model, and dancer. She has previously traveled to a number of different nations in order to perfect her abilities and talents.

Korra embarked on her professional life at a very young age. She began to perform in the church, both singing and dancing. Despite this, she did not begin her career as a musician until October 2015, when she published her debut track titled “Man Like You.” However, the release of her song “Africa” for the 2017 World Cup was the most significant shift in her career. Additionally, her song “Park well” climbed all the way up to number four on the music chart in Nigeria. She has a baby who was born on July 9, 2019, and she presently resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband, Dr. Justin Dean, and their daughter. Chiropractic and physical therapy are two of Justin’s specialties as an American.

Korra’s Early Life

Anita Korra Obidi was born on June 23, 1994, and she is originally from the Oshimili North Local Government Area of Delta State in Nigeria. Her full name is Anita Korra Obidi. Her mother is running very late.

Korra Obidi was raised in a deeply religious atmosphere, specifically that of Deeper Christian Life Ministries, where she grew up with her two brothers.


Korra’s Education

Before enrolling at the University of Lagos to pursue a degree in Business Education, she received her secondary education at Command Secondary School, which is located in Ojo, Lagos.

She first attended Command Secondary College in Ojo, Lagos, to earn her O’Stage certifications before moving on to the College of Training to study Business Training.


Korra Obidi Career

That of Korra Obidi, even with so many achievements already added to her name and with a monstrous fanbase that she has conquered today, the starting point was not an easy sail because she had to work her way straight from dance to the church. The profession is constantly started somewhere. Even with so many achievements already added to her name.

She was recognized for her hard work as a lady, mixed with her dance skills and picturesque energy that always beyond anyone’s expectations. Because of this, it was crucial to her that she was able to keep him captivated to her dance display until she was completed. permitted to develop a following of fans

Priti Mastakar guided Korra Obidi through her training in belly dancing and classical Odissi when she was in Cairo and Lagos. Obidi’s goal was to advance her dancing career to a more professional level. an Extended Play called Woman Power, which was a collection of pretty much all of the best music from around the world, including R&B and Afrobeat.

Her track “Africa” from the 2017 World Cup was very well received, as was his latest release, “Park well,” which debuted in the top four of the Nigerian music charts the year it was released. Another model to keep an eye out for is Korra Obidi, who won the titles of Miss Radiography in 2009 at the University of Lagos, Miss Moremi in 2010 at the University of Lagos, and Miss Sympathy in the Miss Global Nigeria competition in 2014. Korra Obidi was not only a significant model for the Black Eyed Peas look for Wings, but she also walked the catwalks at GTBank Fashion Week and Port Harcourt International Fashion Week. Both of these fashion weeks took place in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Korra’s Personal Life

Who is the man whom Korra Obidi calls her husband? Dr. Justin Dean is a medical professional, sports therapist, and chiropractor in the United States. Korra Obidi was previously married to him.

On July 9, 2019, they became parents for the first time to a little girl whom they named June Chukwuebube Dean. Currently, Korra Obidi, her husband, and their newborn daughter all make their home in the city of Los Angeles, California.

The second child that Korra Obidi and Dr. Justin Dean have had together was born in March of 2022. Athena is the name of the second child that will be born.

After the birth of their infant daughter Athena, there are rumors that Korra Obidi’s husband wants a divorce and is claiming that the dancer is cheating on him. These rumors have been circulating around the internet.

On Friday, April 1, 2022, Dr. Justin Dean utilized the live feature on his Instagram account to announce to his followers that he had divorced Korra because she had made some hurtful comments about their children.

According to Korra Obidi’s estranged husband, she is continuously saying hurtful things to him in order to make him feel worse.



When reading the biography of Korra Obidi, it is helpful to be familiar with the songs that he has previously released.

Songs by Korra can be found below:

  • Park Well
  • My Bobo
  • Kilibe
  • No Time
  • Man Like You
  • Money Be Person
  • Jeje
  • Rest of Mind
  • Sugar
  • Strong Love
  • Africa
  • Alter Ego

Social Media

You can reach Korra Obidi through the following media if you wish to get in touch with her:

  • Official Website: Korraobidi.com
  • Instagram @korraobidi
  • Twitter @korraobidi

Awards and Nominations

During the course of her career as a model, Korra Obidi won the titles of Miss Radiography in 2009 and Miss Moremi in 2010, both of which were held at the University of Lagos. In 2014, she was named Miss Congeniality for Miss Global Nigeria.

At the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMMA) that took place in 2017, Korra Obidi was one of the nominees for Africa’s Best Dancer.


Korra Obidi Net worth

According to Famous Net Worth, Korra Obidi is estimated to have a wealth of between $100,000 and $1,000,000, and she is the owner of Release Studios. She is a successful performer who has made a lot of money in a variety of aspects of the entertainment industry, including dancing, singing, and modeling.

Korra Obidi is a lady with a strong focus on business, as evidenced by the fact that she owns many enterprises in addition to her successful professional accomplishments. Her successes in the corporate world have helped her amass a net worth of one million dollars.