“Carry Me Go” is a collaborative effort by Nigerian artist Khaid and Boy Spyce that blends afrobeat and dancehall sounds to create a captivating track that will make you want to move your body.

Khaid, whose real name is Michael Efe Ejeba, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who burst onto the music scene in after getting signed by Sydney Talker. Since then, he has continued to make waves in the industry with his unique sound and infectious melodies.

Boy Spyce, on the other hand, is a Nigerian-born artist who started his career with freestyles in the street of Lagos. He is known for his smooth voice and dancehall-inspired tracks that are popular with fans of the genre.

“Carry Me Go” is a perfect showcase of both artists’ talents. The song features a catchy beat with a pulsing bassline that is sure to get you moving. Khaid’s vocals are smooth and effortless, while Boy Spyce’s verse adds an extra layer of energy to the track.

Lyrically, the song is a celebration of love and all the joy that comes with being with the one you love. The chorus, which is sung by Khaid, is particularly uplifting, with lyrics like “Carry me go, baby I go follow you” expressing a desire to go wherever the love takes them.

Overall, “Carry Me Go” is a fantastic collaboration between two talented artists. The song is a perfect blend of afrobeat and dancehall sounds, and the lyrics are a celebration of love and all the joy it brings. If you’re looking for a song to lift your spirits and get you moving, “Carry Me Go” is definitely worth a listen.